March 29, 2024 at 4:28 am

Teenage Girl Was Pushed Around At School, So She Got Revenge By Getting One Of Her Bullies Fired From Her Job

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@seankkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Bullies are no joke and they can ruin the entire childhoods of other kids.

It’s true!

And that’s why this story of revenge on a bully is so, so satisfying…

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I got revenge on my bully.

“In school I was relentlessly bullied.

This was BAD.

Two girls in particular had it out for me. I was shy, loved to read, didn’t do the popular stuff, so I was the perfect victim.

They’d literally torture me by holding me down in the staircase when we were alone and sticking pinboard pins into my arms, legs and feet.

When I tried to tell teachers, they said I fell onto them as they were lying on the floor or I did it myself.

It didn’t help that one of them was the daughter of one of the teachers at the school.

What do you know…?

Well, I finally got my revenge. I went to try out a new ice cream shop and lo and behold, one of the girls was serving the ice cream.

I have multiple allergies including milk and gluten, of which the ice cream shop claimed to be cautious.

So I ordered gluten- and dairy free ice cream and set my phone camera up to film the area where the ice cream was prepared because I saw that the girl had recognised me and was certain she’d try something.

And she did. I caught her on camera putting a spoonful of milk in the bottom of the bowl and crumbling the gluten-consisting wafers over everything, then camouflaging it with the last scoop of ice cream.

She put it down in front of me and said “I hope you enjoy it!”.

I sweetly smiled at her and asked if she could get the owner of the shop because I wanted to thank her for being so welcoming to guests with allergies.

Now you’re busted!

You can guess what happened next. I showed the owner the video and told her that I’d like to press charges, because in my country it is considered a criminal offence called “inflicting bodily harm” to serve someone an allergen when you know the person is allergic.

The bully will never work anywhere where she’ll come in contact with food again and she’ll have this on her criminal record for years.”

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Another person thinks she did the right thing.

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Showed her!

She really laid down the hammer!

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