March 23, 2024 at 6:28 pm

Tenant Realizes Her Landlord Has Been Overcharging Her By 45% For Her Uninhabitable Apartment. – ‘Normalize suing your landlord.’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@conornoburst

Landlords are usually pretty low on the totem pole in terms of people you want to interact with throughout your day.

Maybe the stereotypes are too harsh, but all you hear is horror stories of laziness, broken appliances, and pest infestations, all while paying a fortune in rent.

And while I’m always one to give people a chance, the landlord in this story is somehow worse than you would expect, even for a landlord, even in L.A.!

When TikTok user @conornoburst received a letter revealing her apartment was deemed uninhabitable, a quick call to the housing department revealed she had been being overcharged by 45% for months!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@conornoburst

She starts her video explaining that she recently received a letter in the mail that no one is ever happy about: a rent increase.

“But also in my mail was a letter from the LA housing department explaining how I could start paying them instead of my landlord for the REAP account.”

For all viewers who don’t know what REAP is she explains it as a program where the city takes over the rent of living spaces considered uninhabitable.

“You get a rent reduction based on how habitable it is… And your landlord can only access that money if it is being used to make repairs on your place.”

Source: TikTok/@conornoburst

But she soon received a contradictory email from her landlord. “Disregard the REAP letters. We had an inspector on the property today. You can pay rent as per usual.

Assuming the landlord wasn’t being an absolute sleazeball, she believed her at her word.

But when she read the fine print of the REAP letter, she realized something was fishy.

“That’s weird. According to the REAP program, you can’t raise the rent for another 13 months after being in the program.”

Source: TikTok/@conornoburst

And her suspicions were confirmed after a lengthy but worthwhile talk with the LA Housing Department.

“Turns out since AUGUST, I’ve been overpaying my rent by 45%. That they owe me that money back, and they can either give it to me in credit, or pay me the money back.”

She had absolutely no interest in any sort of credit with this woman, and was frankly surprised the company who owned the building didn’t say anything.

“If they refuse to pay it, I have to take them to small claims. I’m having my lawyer friends all write up letters and we’re gonna see which one’s best.”

These are the situations where being friends with a bunch of lawyers is super handy! Game night with complicated rules? Not so much!

Check out her video for yourself!


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Source: TikTok/@conornoburst

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Source: TikTok/@conornoburst

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Source: TikTok/@conornoburst

“Normalize suing your landlord.”

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