March 30, 2024 at 7:37 am

Their Co-Worker Won’t Stop Micromanaging Them, So They Gave Their 2 Week’s Notice To Ruin Her Upcoming Vacation

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@1_art_please

I don’t think I’m the kind of person who could screw ANYONE out of vacation time, but I guess I could be convinced if I had to work with someone like the woman you’re going to read about…

Because she sounds like a nightmare!

Check out how this worker exacted revenge on a co-worker they just couldn’t stand.

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I ruined my coworkers first chance at a vacation in 3 years.

“My coworker and I share a space. She has been there 3 years, myself 5 months.

This lady is a pain in the ***.

She is not my boss but constantly looks over my shoulder, telling me how to change my work. She is rude to the people we work with overseas online.

She does it all on speakerphone and ignore me when I ask her to use a headset while she yells at them. She talks about her stomach problems and her issues going to the bathroom. When I ask her not to she tells me to get over it. If another coworker comes to speak to me she answers for me and over me.

She also swears at her computer, verbally responding to emails she doesn’t like. Talks over her breath while reading her work constantly.

I told her many times to please stop and she got mad saying she doesnt ‘jump tune’ and complains of having to ‘ walk on eggshells around me’ as she isnt accustomed to modifying her behaviour for anyone.

This job sounds like it SUCKS.

The company is tiny, the owner insanely, pitifully cheap. So I’m the first person in years that is able to cover her work. She is desperate for vacation and recently booked a long trip to Hong Kong for 2.5 weeks.

But wait just a second…

She doesn’t know yet I was recently offered a way better full time job through someone I’ve worked freelance for in the past. My freelancer is understanding if I was to wait a bit before i end my current employment as my coworker’s holiday is in 2 weeks.

But I think I’ll give my notice early. Our boss is a huge jerk and my coworker ***** his guts and it should be an interesting fallout as if she goes on holiday and there is no one else who can do her job. She will have a total meltdown.”

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One person thinks they did the right thing.

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And one Reddit user said this wasn’t exactly revenge…

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Showed her!

That lady ain’t going nowhere…

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