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Their Daughter Has a Toxic Love Life and They Finally Told Her Not Everything Revolves Around Her and Her Problems

by Matthew Gilligan

redditlifestop Their Daughter Has a Toxic Love Life and They Finally Told Her Not Everything Revolves Around Her and Her Problems

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Do you have people in your life who are convinced that the universe revolves around them?

Of course, you do!

We all do!

And I think we can all agree that they sometimes need to be put in their places.

Did this woman go too far because of what she said to her daughter?

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for telling my daughter that life doesn’t stop for others because hers isn’t going well?

“I have 3 kids, and my daughter (27F) hasn’t had the best luck in her romantic life.

She’s gotten cheated on many times, and her previous relationship were unhealthy. I also believe shes in a toxic relationship with her current boyfriend.

She’s the odd person out.

My nieces and nephews, along with my other kids are all happily married, some starting their own families.

It was my sisters birthday recently, and she and her husband had planned the trip for the family. She helped with expenses if needed but for the most part everyone paid for themselves.

My daughter was the only one going by herself.

We did things as family, but there were times when we split up to do something with just our partners. So sometimes my daughter was by herself or basically being a third wheel.

That didn’t go over too well…

At the end of the trip my daughter complained to me how she didn’t like going on the trip. That she felt like it was a cruel joke that she was there by herself, and that the others should not have show affection to their partners when she was around.

This is not the first time she complained about something like this, she’s done it after holidays and birthdays as well.

They finally had enough.

I’ll admit i’m tired of my daughter complaining about this. So I told her that just because her life isn’t going well doesn’t mean others will stop living theirs.

She hasn’t talked to me since, and that was almost two weeks ago. My husband is on my side but i’m worried i’ll lose my daughter.


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