March 21, 2024 at 6:33 pm

‘There’s gotta be something wrong upstairs.’ – Bartender Talked About How She Judges Customers Based on Their Drink Orders

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@morganroos96

A lot of folks out there are about to be put on blast!

A woman named Morgan who is a bartender at a dive bar posted a video on TikTok and admitted how she judges customers based on what kind of drinks they order.

She started by saying, “If you order lemon drop shots for me, I think you are way too hot to be here. I’m looking at you being like, ‘There’s gotta be something wrong upstairs.’ There’s no way a girl that looks like you would hang out in a **** hole like this. Like, are you damaged?”

That’s a hot take!

Source: TikTok/@morganroos96

Morgan said Budweiser drinks are men with “one-syllable white guy” names and she added that if you drink Rumple Minze, you’re most likely also a bartender, “But you’re like the fun side of bartending. Where you’re like, ‘I literally hate this job, but I love money, and I’ve been sucked into this for years to come. And I don’t have a degree, so I really don’t have any options.'”

Source: TikTok/@morganroos96

Morgan continued, “If you order a Long Island, I’m sorry. I … hate you. At our bar, they’re only $8, and we pour them strong. We call ’em Strong Islands. You’re gonna get absolute **** housed, you’re going to make an absolute *** of yourself.”

And there was one more: she said, “I’m gonna think you’re lost if you order a martini for me. I’m going to ask you what makes you think that in this **** hole, we would have stemware? What makes you think we would have olives and third off, like what makes you think I know what’s in that?”


Source: TikTok/@morganroos96

Check out her video.


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Here’s what TikTokkers had to say.

This person sounds like they also tend bar.

Source: TikTok/@morganroos96

Another TikTokker sounds like they need to sober up.

Source: TikTok/@morganroos96

And this viewer sounded off about Rumplemintz.

Source: TikTok/@morganroos96

Well… I’ve got some things to consider when I go drinking next time…

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