March 12, 2024 at 6:37 am

‘They unfolded it for me and everything.’ – Guy Buys A Flatpack Home On Amazon And Shows What It Looks LIke Inside

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff
Buying a home is becoming an increasingly impossible dream for a lot of people but what if you could just order it off Amazon!

A lot of us grew up with the whole white picket fence idea, or even a fancy New York city loft conversion.

But sometimes reality just doesn’t meet up with fantasy and we gotta get real.

Source: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff

That’s exactly what @hittaa_jeff did when he bought a home on Amazon. What? I know. Who knew.

It’s a self-build and he’s gonna list it on Airbnb. But he has a major glitch to get through first, buying the land to put it on!

“The house is here,” the TikToker told his followers, looking kinda bowled over. Understandable!

He showed his followers the plumbing. Looks simple but impressive!

Source: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff

He thanked an Amazon worker for upgrading the square footage, the colour and even for throwing two couches in.

Now, that is service!

Look at that living room! Now it’s cosy but it does the job, right!

Source: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff

“They unfolded it for me and everything,” he said of the storage company, where the house is stored.

“When it gets to the location they’ll put it back up.” Now, that REALLY is service. Sign me up.

“They only charged me $750 for that,” he said. “If it’s here every week, I have to give them $150 every week cause it’s stored here.”

Let’s hope the business plan works for this young entrepreneur!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Someone thinks there’s a famous other option!

Source: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff

Is this gonna be a new saying?

Source: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff

It certainly is WILD. But so is the housing market!

Source: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff

Buying a house like this is getting more and more tempting…

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