March 29, 2024 at 6:45 pm

Verizon Customer Said She Was Charged $10 To Pay A 16 Cent Charge Over The Phone. – ‘I could pay $15 more dollars to have $25 refunded.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@estrangedaunt/Pexels

Hmmmm, that doesn’t sound right…

A woman took to TikTok to put Verizon on blast because of an outrageous transaction she was forced to make with the phone company.

She said she got an email from Verizon that she owed 16 cents. She tried to pay online, but when that didn’t work, she decided to call and pay by phone because she didn’t want to get a late fee.

Source: TikTok/@estrangedaunt

She explained, “I called on the phone, asked, ‘Hey, what’s the $0.16 for?’ The person on the phone couldn’t tell me. I said, ‘I can’t log into my account. I’m just going to pay this’…And they said, ‘OK, yeah, sure, no problem.’”

And that’s when she was told she’d be charged an additional $10 because she was paying over the phone with the help of an agent.

Source: TikTok/@estrangedaunt

She explained more in the comments of the video.

She wrote, “I called back and was initially told that they are unable to refund an amount of less than $25 and that I could pay $15 more dollars to have $25 refunded.”

She also wrote, “The guy figured out he could waive the 16 cents (this should have happened yesterday) but I have to call my bank to dispute the charge.”


Source: TikTok/@estrangedaunt

Check out the video.


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Source: TikTok/@estrangedaunt

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Source: TikTok/@estrangedaunt

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Source: TikTok/@estrangedaunt

I don’t think I’d be doing business with them anymore.

No way!

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