March 26, 2024 at 1:44 pm

What Are Some “Guy” Hobbies That Are “Green Flags”?

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sjfortier

Just in case you aren’t hip to the term, green flags are good things!

They’re the opposite of red flags, and we all know what those are…

So, what are some men’s hobbies that people think are green flags?

Check out what Reddit users had to say about this.

Knows his stuff.

“I’m a straight guy and though I may not care about the topic, I’ll be under a spell if I listen to someone rambling about something they’re genuinely passionate about.

That’s when our natural human magnetism comes in.”


“My husband’s hobby is making firewood. The entire process is his jam.

Cutting down deadfall

Bucking it up

Carting it home

Splitting it

Stacking it

showing off immense wood piles to anyone who will listen

Burning it

It’s cheap and actually saves us like $1/month on heating.”

Nature lover.

“I dated a man who had an entire tree in his home. In a pot.

He’d had it for decades. It was named Tree and he loved it. I would talk to it and gently touch it while he made is breakfast.

I figured if Tree was important to him, I would form a relationship with it. It was a good tree.”


“I knew someone in college whose hobby was restoring old books, like classics he found in a Goodwill store or that had been handed down and were well-loved.

He would repair the glue, trim down the weathered edges of the pages, etc.

My mind was blown and to this day I wish I had talked to him more about it.”

A sensitive side.

“Any hobby that a man isn’t ashamed to do because it isn’t “manly” for example my husband is a very burly work with his hands manly man but every night sits down and makes quilts with me.

He even has made a few of his own.”

Can I help?!?!

“I’ve never met him in person, but if I ever met a man, friend, family, in-law — doesn’t matter — and he has a basement room with the whole Lionel train set-up and a faux city?

I’d be all over it.

PLEASE let me watch, help, set-up.

Heck I’ll help dust and clean it. I would find it utterly enchanting.”

Could go either way.

“Hobby carpenters are generally very reliable and have their **** together type people.

They also tend to be perfectionists and things typically need to be done their way because they know the best way.

So there’s some pros and cons there, depending on what type of person you can deal with.”

Gotta be careful.

“I feel like my love of cooking comes off as a green flag until they realize how deep it goes.

Constantly wrecking the kitchen. Grocery shopping daily for fun. Stinking up the house with fried food. Accidentally waging chemical warfare with carolina reapers.

“I had a dream about you, babe.”

“I had a dream about kimchi fried rice. I’m heading to the grocery store. Do you need anything?””

Works every time.

“First time my boyfriend came over to my place – we’d only been going out with each other for a couple of weeks – the cat came sprinting down the hallway to investigate who this stupid new human invader was (and how very dare I not alert him to his presence) – cat skids to a halt, gets scooped up and was fussed over for a good half hour or so.

That’s a major green flag – that they love animals.”

A good balance.

“It’s about balance.

A man who golfs, but not every single weekend; loves live music, but doesn’t live in a bar.

Watches sports, but not attached to couch; being active and open to learning new things.

Extra points for being handy: that’s hot.”

Alone time.

“Honestly any hobby that makes them have some alone time. If they can enjoy and be comfortable being by themselves and not have to be around people 24/7, I see that as a green flag.

You have enough time to sit alone with your thoughts, reflect on you, and whatever it is that you have going on in your life which isn’t something you can necessarily always achieve if all you do is have people around at all times.”

Nerds are good.

“Apparently my type is men who are absolute nerds over airplanes.

They know all the facts about the physics of flying, they can name every plane used by the Air Force, they have hand built models of planes in their apartments.

Just huge plane nerds.”


“When my BF was a teenager he would find turtles with broken shells and do something to fix them with bra clips then he’d keep them around for a few days to make sure they were ok.

It was adorable.”

Go get ’em!

“Coaching youth sports, especially when he is a busy professional.

It isn’t about glamour and adulation.

It’s also a personal sacrifice for the betterment of children.”

There are plenty of good guys out there.

Always remember that.

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