March 9, 2024 at 2:45 pm

Woman Details How To Treat Car Dealers If You Want To Get The Best Deal Possible. – ‘You just lie.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@trinitywright

Most women probably get the fear when they have to buy a second hand car or go to the mechanic about anything due to a complete sexism that’s still rife in the industry!

We have all experienced being ripped off, told something is wrong with our vehicle when there isn’t or sold an absolute chunk of garbage and then we are stuck with it for years, unable to get redress without a huge battle.

Sorry, do I sound like I’ve been burned?

Anyhow so @trinityywright, a TikToker with lots of car knowledge was all about taking advantage of the fact that too many mechanics take advantage of female customers!

Source: TikTok/@trinitywright

She needed to buy a new car and wanted to trade her old one in. So she got her high heels out and played up to the stereotype some male mechanics and salespeople have of women customers!

“Little old me walking in, hyenas,” she told her followers on TikTok. “Every single guy wanted to deal with me, so I chose the guy with the biggest chain and the biggest ego.”

The salesman tried to offer her $2,000 for a car she wanted $10,000 for! But she laughed in his face, told him it was “an insult” and that she’d be on her way out that door.

Right about now I can hear the ladies all yelling in support of this woman. Me too!

She left and then went to other dealerships, who also “wanted to lowball me.” And yes, we are totally getting her, aren’t we ladies!

Source: TikTok/@trinitywright

She admitted the final dealership is where she wanted to be and she told women to “Tell them you’re there to check out a car and you’re not trading your car in.”

The car fanatic explained that if you don’t tell the dealership you want to trade until you haggle and get a good price on the new car, then they can’t play with numbers by the end of the deal! Eh, lady, genius!

“They did the car inspection, I tell them how much I want and they’re just flabbergasted,” she said.

“Literally bold face lie to them because they’ll bold face lie to you,” she added.

Source: TikTok/@trinitywright

Now, I am pretty sure I heard a rumour of a dealership boss who blew his gasket over a boss woman like this! Ha.

Watch the full video here:


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Source: TikTok/@trinitywright

Go girl!

Source: TikTok/@trinitywright

So bad!

Source: TikTok/@trinitywright

I know what I’m doing the next time I go to a dealership… LIE!

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