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Woman Frantically Calls Husband After Seeing There’s Been A Deadly Fire At His Work, But When He Finally Picks Up It’s Only To Scream At Her

by Ryan McCarthy

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Nothing in this world is scarier than having one of your loved ones repeatedly not answer their phone, especially if you are concerned something may have happened to them.

All you want is to hear their voice, to just know they’re safe and sound somewhere and you can stop worrying.

And on the flipside, seeing that you have a large number of missed calls from someone immediately puts a pit of dread in your stomach.

Well apparently not for this user, who upon receiving 20 missed calls from his wife after a worksite of his tragically caught fire, he had the nerve to yell at her for calling him so many times!

Check it out.

AITA for yelling at my wife after she blew up my phone with calls because of a fire?

Throwaway because some of this made local news and I don’t want it connecting back to me.

I work in a place where we are not allowed to have personal electronics on us at all. No phones, no smart watches, no pagers.

I’ve been working here for about 6 months so my wife knows this and understands that she should not try to contact me by my cell at work.

Phones are dropped off in our lockers and I typically have mine on Do Not Disturb. Before this incident, my phone has never gone off in the locker before.

One day, disaster struck in the form of a fire at one of OP’s worksites, but thankfully not the one OP was at that day.

Recently there was a pretty big fire at a secondary worksite that I do work at occasionally but that day I was working at the main building.

Local news covered the fire before I found out about it because again no electronics, plus the work we do isolates us a bit so news travels pretty slowly.

There were a few casualties, a lot of seriously injured folk.

And naturally, OP’s wife was worried to death about her husband knowing he had worked before at the site of the fire.

My wife had been watching the news from home and started freaking out, I guess.

She called me 20 freaking times, which (and I did not know this was possible) overrode my DND and my phone was ringing for a while in my locker.

In the middle of my shift, I got called into my managers office and was chewed out (and written up) for my phone making so much noise.

They told me to go take care of whatever was making my phone go off before I went back to work.

The manager had to have known about the fire too, what a soulless jerk. And OP was less than pleased with his wife after getting in trouble at his job.

I won’t lie…when I saw those 20 missed calls from my wife I was seriously pissed off.

Like I said, she knows not to try to contact me directly and a citation hurt my chances of getting a raise or promotion.

I called her back and she was sobbing and asking me if I was okay. I said of course I was okay and asked what the **** was wrong with her to call me so many times.

She was still crying and started talking about the fire. After that I started half-yelling at her about all the reasons it was dumb of her to call me.

But when OP’s shift ended, he realized he was in more trouble at home than he was at his job!

When I got home she was super upset with me. I apologized for yelling but she refused to talk.

She’s been very chilly the past few days and sleeping in our daughter’s room. I know it was not the best decision to yell at her but I still think my anger justified:

1) she knows I don’t work in the secondary worksite very often.

2) she knows that I can’t be contacted directly and she could have just called the office.

3) 20 calls is absolutely *insane*. AITA?

So your wife thought you could have died horribly in a fire, and you decided the only logical response was to be mad at HER? Make it make sense.

Reddit was appalled not only by OP’s behavior, but by the behavior of his manager!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user thought there was a possibility OP wasn’t telling us the whole story.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This commenter said all his wife wanted was to hear his voice, but when she did, it was berating her!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Many wondered what would happen if his wife had been having an actual emergency.

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And finally, this user wondered why OP’s first reaction to that many missed calls from his wife was anger.

Source: Reddit/AITA

The fact he even had to ask if he was in the wrong, and didn’t immediately apologize?

Girl, get out of there!

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