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Woman Holds Steadfast In The Face Of Her Sister’s Lowlife Boyfriend By Not Selling Them Her House

by Chris Allen

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Protecting a sibling is almost a reflexive action and feeling.

Especially if your entire family recognizes the need for that sibling to have a watchful eye on them.

Being gullible is an affliction as serious as any.

And one woman’s story about looking after her sister with a predatory boyfriend will leave you shouting 3 letters.

AITA for saying they can buy it at market place or they could get it discounted if they got a cohabitation agreement

I (36f) hate to say this but in order for you to understand where I’m coming from you have to know the unfortunate limitations of my sister.

My beloved sister (38f) isn’t the most intelligent or cunning persons out there and she has a history of men taking advantage of her.

She isn’t dumb enough for it to be considered some type of disability but it’s a close call which is why I take care of her and I promised our late mother that I would always look out for her.

Enter into the story an ultimate low-life of a boyfriend.

My sister has been with her boyfriend (49m) for the past seven years and her boyfriend has convinced her that marriage is a “oppressive system the government has invented to keep track of people” and also just “paperwork that just places restrictions to love” and yet he got her pregnant as if a child isn’t a permanent lifetime commitment.

He also wants the two of them to buy their home from me at a discounted rate.

I own this house and I am reluctant to sell it to them without making sure my sister and her future child are legally protected.

With this monster of a boyfriend in mind, she protected her sister like a knight on horseback.

I told him that the only way I would sell it to them is if he agreed to a legal cohabitation agreement that set out arrangements for finances, property and children while they’re living together and for if they split up, become ill or die.

I do not trust Travis as I know of the treatment his last partner got from him.

He used her for years, then just dumped her after she spent years taking care of him and giving up her career for him.

Kick this guy to the curb, and let him nowhere near any kind of legal foothold over that sister.

I mean she literally went to visit her family one day and he packed her things into a storage room, drained the joint account they had, sold the house, texted her it’s over and then disappeared for five months.

Travis and his minions are all calling me a dick for putting unnecessary tension in their relationship.

I just feel like I’m looking out for my family since this man has a history of doing shady if not down right evil s***!

Cry more, Travis. Karma is a wonderful ally sometimes. Now let’s see what people had to say.

A unanimous NTA. You gotta love it.

One person pointed out how lucky the sister really is. Even if she doesn’t realize it.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another commenter saw straight through Travis’ telegraphed plans.

Source: Reddit/AITA

One commenter pulled out a fantastiword to describe this guy: DECEIVER.

Source: Reddit/AITA

While one Redditor had some great advice for what to do legally with the house.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Cry more, Travis. You’ll get nothing.

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