March 2, 2024 at 10:32 pm

Woman Rented An Airbnb For $2,500 A Month And Found It’s Full Of Roaches And Leaky Ceilings

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@sureasmel

It seems not a week goes by that someone isn’t complaining about the conditions of their rental or their Airbnb.

And it’s so sad because all everyone needs is some chill time from their rental and not to be left with complete headaches.

Author @sureasmel told her followers on X that she’d rented an Airbnb for a month. But she claimed she faced ceiling leaks, a roach issue and no hot water.

Now, that sounds like a complete rental from Hell!

And all that for a $2,500 monthly rental.


Source: X/@sureasmel

The author said soon after she arrived she found the rental was not clean. She claimed the front door didn’t actually lock. Then she said there were roaches and the hot water and heat weren’t even working. She added that the ceiling was also leaking.

Reading this, it’s like – was there anything right?!

Source: X/@sureasmel

She wrote on X: “For a fun game, let’s do a tour of the unit Airbnb refuses to give me a refund for! I’m sure they’d hate if you liked [or] shared this, which seems to be the only way to get their attention. Let’s start with the entryway. Not off to a great start re: cleanliness.”

The author posted a collection of photos, including of roaches. That’s kind of disgusting. She paid for this place!

She also showed a photo of a leaky ceiling and the whole situation just sounded horrendous. She also said she found natural rodent repeller packs.

Source: X/@sureasmel

The author claimed she was on the phone for hours making complaints and then she resorted to documenting her issues on X.

But the power of social media could just have come through in the end. It sounded like Airbnb might have worked with her to get a resolution!

She wrote on X: “Guys we did it. Hugely grateful to everyone. Wow, it has been the weirdest 18 hours.”

Wow, this is not what you want from a rental!

Watch one of the clips below:

Here’s what people thought of the rental nightmare:

She got a lot of support.

Source: X/@sureasmel

Yikes is right!

Source: X/@sureasmel

It ain’t exactly looking inviting…

Source: X/@sureasmel

Anyway you slice it, this is so gross.

Be safe out there, fam!

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