March 28, 2024 at 2:35 pm

Woman Shares How Her Parents Were Emotionally Unavailable And It Really Struck A Chord With Viewers

by Chris Allen

Source: Instagram/devoncaleyy

These PSA-style social network-trending videos are all over the place.

And some really strike home.

Some are really poignant and so well-done that they demand a series by the peanut gallery!

Well one woman on Instagram named Devon had a video do so well that it did just that:

“We must have a series!”

Source: Instagram/devoncaleyy

She starts out right away with the tagline: “I grew up with emotionally unavailable parents,”

And continues, “I’m going to continually try to manage your mood and check in to see how you’re doing, because if you get upset and I didn’t foresee that,

I’m going to worry that none of my basic needs are going to be met.”

PHEW. She delivered that one with GUSTO.

Source: Instagram/devoncaleyy

Another great line she drops:

“If I didn’t do something to earn your affection, I don’t trust it.”

Like…we’re just in a therapy session here.

It’s pretty amazing how many of these zingers ring true with so many out there!

Source: Instagram/devoncaleyy

Check out her first video here:

And make sure to catch her Volume 2 here:

Let’s see what folks had to say.

And so many agreed. Like this person, when it comes to taking the blame.

Source: Instagram/devoncaleyy

One person had to see that trigger warning first, haha.

Source: Instagram/devoncaleyy

While another commenter really resonated with this line in particular.

Source: Instagram/devoncaleyy

Why were you wearing an invisible cloak at my therapy appointment?

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