March 8, 2024 at 6:42 am

Woman With A Disability Explains How A Random Woman Blocked The Handicapped Space She Was Trying To Pull Into

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@emilylfogle

Sometimes I just feel like we regress as a society in some ways.

Certain phrases that used to be taught by your parents, teachers and even tv shows are just thrown by the wayside in our modern society.

Because we know everything, and anything in the past is dumb and not worth knowing.

Ya know.


One girl on TikTok named Emily shares a wildly frustrating story about one know-it-all crusader who, it turns out – DID judge that book!

Source: TikTok/@emilylfogle

And she opens up right away, giving us a glimpse of what it’s like hearing from random strangers about her pass.

“The amount of people that feel that it’s their place to let me know how they feel about me having one of these is really insane.”


That’s putting it lightly.

And like a good TikToker, she fills us in right off the bat with the why:

“For those of you who don’t know me, I had bone cancer, I lost my leg to cancer, I have a prosthetic leg.”

Oops! Didn’t expect that from a friggin thumbnail, did ya?

Sounds like the real world is the exact same.

Source: TikTok/@emilylfogle

She continues explaining that she really tries to do the right thing wherever possible.

“There are times when it hurts to walk on my leg, or I don’t have my leg if it’s getting worked on.”

Read that last bit again. I’ll wait.

You read that right. Her leg is sometimes ‘in the shop’.

“That being said, I don’t abuse it [the pass] – and 99% of the time I’m parking in a normal spot.”

All the righteous indignation one might have felt up to this point is gone.

Would YOU park in a normal spot 99% of the time if you lost your leg to cancer??

Source: TikTok/@emilylfogle

And then she gets stopped by some caped crusader, who literally walks INTO the handicapped space.

“Why are you parking here?” this sanctimonious moron asks with all previous righteous indignation FULLY intact.

“You don’t look like you need it.”

Ohhhhh boy that’s when I’d be dropping all the sarcastic wit bombs out of my window like B-17s in WWII.

You’ve got to check out her full story here:


Still learning how to address these people who can’t mind their own business 😭 #dayinmylife #cancersurvivor #prostheticleg #handicappedparking

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Let’s see what folks had to say in them comments.

One commenter was as aghast as I was at the gall of this random do-gooder woman.

Source: TikTok/@emilylfogle

Ok this commenter knows exactly what I’m talkin’ about with those witty petty bombs.

Source: TikTok/@emilylfogle

It’s the very last comment here that’s just the icing on the cake.

Source: TikTok/@emilylfogle

It’s giving hall monitor energy…

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