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Woman’s Refused To Dress Up As A Disney Princess For Her Friend’s Wedding, And Now The Family Is Accusing Her Of Ruining The Bride’s Big Day

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexel

Wedding preparations are stressful no matter what relation you are to the couple: catering, picking a venue, selecting a band, etc. etc. etc.

But if you’re in the wedding party, then you’ve entered a whole other world of hurt! Especially the bridal party, as it isn’t unheard of for brides to be touchy about the details of their special day.

This can lead to some issues, especially if they pick out a color or style of dress that not everyone is a fan of.

But this user had a whole different can of worms to deal with when her friend asked her to dress up as Princess Tiana for her wedding.

But when OP said she felt uncomfortable dressing up as a woman of color, she was met with some serious backlash!

Check it out!

AITA For Saying No To Dressing As A Disney Princess For A Wedding?

So I (24F) am friends with Holly (28F) who is getting married next summer.

Holly has always been a Disney girlie, and I wasn’t surprised when she told me and the other bridesmaids she wanted us to dress as Disney princesses.

Holly is going to wear a huge, glittery, glammed up ballgown, and we’ll be in dresses that are more of a modern take on the princess’s dresses.

There will be text on the invite stating which bridesmaid is which princess and which groom is which prince.

But when it came to assign the princesses to each bridesmaid, OP ran into a slight issue.

There are five of us, and she wants us each in a different color, so she has chosen Ariel (pink), Cinderella (blue), Belle (yellow), Rapunzel (purple), and Tiana (green).

She picked who would be who for us, and told me that she wants me as Tiana since I have black hair.

The problem is, I’m white. The entire bridal party is white. You can see why I’m not feeling this choice.

And when OP asked Holly to change her princess, she didn’t take her request too kindly.

I brought it up privately with Holly and tried to suggest alternatives for green (Merida from Brave or Anna from Frozen) but she shot them down.

Merida’s dress is “actually blue” + she has no prince, and she doesn’t like Frozen.

I told Holly that I will not be Tiana for her wedding and that I’m stepping down unless she accepts one of the alternatives or provides another.

She called me a b**ch and a terrible friend and said nobody is going to care. I told her that I care, and I’m not doing it.

While OP was perfectly confident she had done the right thing, some messages from Holly’s family made her question her decision.

I’ve gotten some Facebook messages from some of her family/friends asking why I’m being so difficult and why I’m trying to ruin Holly’s wedding.

A couple of the bridesmaids have even told me to just “suck it up” because I’m throwing Holly’s plan out of whack.

I’m standing my ground on this, but the pushback kind of has me wondering if I’m making something out of nothing.


Why does it have to be Tiana? There are so many different princesses to choose from, most of whom share OP’s skin color!

Reddit was pretty split on this one, with some people saying having OP as Tiana would definitely be problematic.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But others understood why the bride wouldn’t want to switch her original plan.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally this commenter said with all the press coverage of issues like this, they understood why OP would be cautious.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Has OP asked the bride if she could go as the frog? Or even as Olaf?

Now that’s a wedding I could get behind!

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