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They Told Their Daughter She Could Pick The Restaurant For Her Birthday Dinner, But When She Chose A Spot Their Son Didn’t Like They Added Conditions

by Trisha Leigh

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No one ever said raising kids was easy, and everyone gets it wrong now and again.

The important thing is that you’re willing to apologize and learn – you know, just like you teach your kids.

These parents told their 17yo she could pick the restaurant for her birthday dinner.

My (39f) daughter very recently had her 17th birthday.

My husband (42m) and I told her to pick out a restaurant that she’d like us to take her to for her birthday.

The spot she chose sold largely seafood.

She chose a seafood restaurant that we’d never been to.

In looking over the menu I saw that the vast majority of the dishes contained shellfish.

There were a few fish entrees, as well as some surf and turf.

But there were only a couple of non-seafood dishes.

Her brother doesn’t care for seafood and is allergic to shellfish.

Our son (15m) is deathly allergic to shellfish.

He also can’t stand fish.

There were only a couple of dishes there that he could actually eat.

I didn’t want to take him there because I knew that he wouldn’t really enjoy his meal and I was worried about cross contamination.

She insisted her daughter choose somewhere else even though her son said he was fine to stay home.

I told my daughter that this restaurant wouldn’t work and that she would have to pick out a different one.

My son said that he would be fine just staying home; that we could use the money that we would have spent on his meal to just order him a pizza instead.

My husband also insisted that since it was our daughter’s birthday that she should be able to choose the restaurant, and that our son would be fine home alone with pizza and videogames.

But here’s the thing; we can only afford to go out as a family every so often.

When we splurge on a restaurant meal, I want BOTH of our children there.

I insisted and my daughter chose a different place and we had a nice meal AS A FAMILY.

But she is still a little salty that she didn’t get to have her first choice of restaurants.

Most people I’ve asked say I’m wrong. But, again, we can only afford to go out every so often.

Is it so wrong that I wanted to do it as a family? My daughter still had a nice birthday meal.

Does Reddit agree with her friends that she was wrong? Let’s find out!

The top comment says the mom made a few mistakes here.

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This person says she made it all about her.

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We should all get what we want on our birthdays.

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In this case, the majority is correct.

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They say she can pick the restaurant on her own birthday.

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I hope she apologizes to her daughter.

That seems like the next logical step here.

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