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Parents Insisted Their Kids Could Have Sugar At Camp, So This Employee Found A Way To Make The Kid’s Sugar Rush The Parent’s Problem

by Abby Jamison

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When you’re responsible for other people’s kids, it can be difficult to control them.

I may not work with kids, but I know a sugar rush can make them especially wild!

This person had to find a creative way to show parents who they couldn’t give their kids sugar during camp.

Let’s dive in…

Insist that your kids have loads of sugary food and drink? How about You deal with them?!

Many moons ago, I used to help run a sports scheme for my local municipal area in my country during the school holidays.

Kids aged 5-12 could come along, their parents would pay a heavily subsidised small nominal fee, and get a cool 4 hour sports session of soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. It ran very successfully and was really popular.

Around half time, there would be a break to get a drink and a snack.

There was a little 7-11 style store just round the corner from the field/grass where we ran the scheme, so kids could get refreshments if they had money.

We tended to walk everyone down there as there was a nice seating area outside the shop.

This is where problems arise…

Trouble was, the kids started buying the most sugary snacks, candy and drinks they could, and ended up hyper for the next hour, then have a sugar crash and be irritable little horrors for the final half hour.

Magically, they’d all be fine about pick up time.

To get round this, I banned the kids from buying anything sugary, and only savory snacks or fruit with water could be purchased.

This didn’t seem to work…

This lasted two days before the entitled parents of these little darlings complained to my boss that I wasn’t letting their kids buy whatever they wanted.

I was told by my boss to just let them buy whatever they wanted again, because apparently “you’re not their dentist, it doesn’t matter what they buy!”… Fine, you wanna play rough, let’s do this.

They changed things up…

From then on, we didn’t go to the shop at half time – we went 45 minutes before the end.

They had just enough time to get super annoying and hyper before it was home time, then their parents had to deal with their sugar-derived carnage at home.

I kept it that way till the end of the summer and felt so much delight at these entitled a-holes having to deal with their own kids being awful, day after day.

The next summer, nobody complained when I went back to regulating their purchases at snack time. Win-win!

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However, several Reddit users pointed out an important fact.

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Whether the sugar contributed to the kids hyperactivity or not, this petty revenge was pretty effective!