March 28, 2024 at 10:38 am

XFinity Customer Documents Her Hilariously Frustrating Attempts To Call Them About Her Almost-Doubled Internet Rate

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@notwxsoph

Hey shocker! Another commodity in 2024 is seeing absurd rate / price hikes! What else is new?

Especially when it comes to internet, is anyone surprised that someone out there is seeing out of control prices going through the roof?

Of course not. But it’s still compelling to watch, isn’t it?

I was literally just thinking about my internet prices today. And guess who the culprit was??

The very same one that this TikToker was dealing with.

Source: TikTok/@notwxsoph

She gets right to it. Love it when they do that.

“Got a notification today, $95 gone. WHOAH.”

“I said that’s interesting, it’s usually $55.”

They almost doubled her internet.

Out of the blue.

Source: TikTok/@notwxsoph

Weird, giant corporations passing off their inflation-wrecked financial situations onto the rest of the citizenry/customers.


Soph here will.

She told us their fantastic explanation about why her bill almost doubled.

“Oh blah blah blah, partners and economics.”

Source: TikTok/@notwxsoph

Oh but then she tried getting on the phone.

NO NOT THE PHONE! That’s where they vacuum up all your time, and get you nowhere!

Sorry, it’s the most important day of the year at XFinity:



You gotta watch it here, it’s just too good:


@xfinity yall are so soft

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Let’s see what folks had to say.

People like this commenter are just shocked by that ABSURD $95 price.

Source: TikTok/@notwxsoph

Another person had a great bit of advice.

Which works ALL the time.

If you have options…

Source: TikTok/@notwxsoph

While OP herself gave us an update of how it went!

Source: TikTok/@notwxsoph

I will straight up dig fiber optic cabling to my house now, thank you.

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