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12 People Who’ve Worked For Wealthy Folks Reveal The Insane Things People Can Do When They Have Tons Of Money

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit/Unsplash/@visualsbyroyalz

It’s a fact…rich people are just different from the rest of us!

It doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good or bad, just that it’s…different.

Check out these stories from Reddit users about what it was like to work for wealthy folks.

12. That’s wealth!

“Worked as one of four full time groundskeepers at a large estate.

46 acres of lawn to mow twice a week. 2 clay tennis courts, 3 pools, one for the main house and one for each of the two guest houses. 100+ acre private lake with boat house. No clue how big the whole estate was including the woods.

Personal favorite was the 3 mile personal race track. But what really blew my mind was that he hosted his niece’s wedding one summer, paid $350k to have this massive willow tree trucked in and planted by the lake for wedding photos.

Only to pay another $50k to have it removed and the landscaping returned to its original state after the wedding because he did not like the look of it.”

11. What are you talking about?!?!

“I often do work for the wives of wealthy professionals.

The thing that has always stood out to me is that if I tell them that something they want isn’t doable, they respond with literal confusion. It isn’t anger. It’s confusion.

They are so unaccustomed to not being given exactly what they want that it’s as if they don’t understand what is happening when they are told they can’t have something.”

10. That’ll work…

“Pumped a bunch of money into the Malibu City Council in order to change a few seats.

This would allow him to have the local ordinance changed so his front doors could be taller than 20 feet.”

9. Out of touch.

“I used to work at a member’s only golf/country club. There were members who had been actors, athletes, race car drivers, former CEO of Google, some major money and egos going on.

There was one family that had 3 teenage kids, 2 girls and a boy. The mom and the girls were very attractive and knew it. They always looked amazing and had overly entitled attitudes to match. They were “fancy.” Well, the lady who washed the linens for the county club also did house cleaning for some members.

This family was one of them. She said their multi-million dollar home was a disaster filth zone. They basically did no house work in between having the cleaning lady there. Dishes piled with dried food that smelled, dirty clothes thrown everywhere, piles of **** all over, sticky floors, dog poop left on the floor.

But the nastiest part was the bathrooms. She said they wouldn’t empty their bathroom trashes and the ladies of the house would throw their used tampons on top of overflowing trash so she had to pick up their used women’s products thrown on the floor not even wrapped in paper.

So these fancy women would walk around the club like they were so superior and look down on everyone then would go home and act like wild apes throwing their trash and period products on the ground.

The thought of being so out of touch that you decide it is beneath you to even be sanitary bc you can just pay someone to do that for you is just beyond insanity.”

8. I’ll take it.

“Had a client come into our 3d printing office.

His attention was immediately caught by a large industrial 3d printer in our showroom. Pulled out a credit card and bought a $25k machine on the spot.

Money well spent.”

7. We have a problem.

“The CEO of the company I worked for was the founder’s son. Not an unintelligent guy for the most part.

His dad made him start with the most basic jobs in the company and work his way through the different departments. Managerial staff was ordered, upon penalty of termination, not to treat him any differently than a new hire.

So when he became CEO he wasn’t a bad guy to with for.

Now, this is a company of over 10,000. One night, I’m working overtime on the late shift and we get this call.

“Hey! You guys… Got… ‘Lectrician?” The guy is clearly drunk, we have no idea who it is or why he’s calling our maintenance/engineering group. We ask who he is and he informs us, light heartedly.

He wants someone to take a ride to his house and figure out why the internet isn’t working. This is an hour drive away.

I volunteer, I was bored off my nut anyway. I get to the house, entry gate is smashed, section of the white horse fencing is gone, Jaguar is stuck in the field.

Here in the house is dude, completely blasted. He’s got a huge cut on his hairline. “Are you ok, (boss)?”

“I’m fine! Why?” He asks, blood literally caked on his face.

I accompany him to the bathroom and help him clean himself up, wash off the gash and put some bandaging on it.

Then I corrected the Internet. Unplug-plug.

As I’m walking out, he asks me to do a shot with him. I comment, worried about my job, that it might be a bad idea. He agrees and hands me the bottle, “Take it home and do a shot later. Keep it.”

When I get back to work I look the stuff up… Never heard of it. It’s a $1500 bottle of scotch.

The next day I’m at work early. About eleven in the morning he comes walking up. “Uh… We’re not going to be… Talking about last night?” I tell him it’s all good, “Awesome.”

A little bit later I get an envelope. There’s a check attached for ‘Emergency Tech Support’ $5,000.”

6. A famous family.

“My dad used to work for Getty oil.

J. Paul Getty III was made to do the same thing as far as working the “little man’s jobs” to get a feel on how things really ran. Pops would tell us stories of how J. Paul would roll up to the oil rigs 2-3 hours late, in a limo, intoxicated and blown out of his mind.

He wouldn’t do anything while at work, just watch and at the end of the day the limo would show back up with half naked women in the car to take him out to party the night away.

This was after he was kidnapped and my dad said his missing ear was always crazy to look at.”

5. Sure!

“I was working for a kind of well off family during a summer.

I went inside to get a drink and the mom was cleaning the kitchen putting things away and such.

She picks up a Macbook and says to me “hey, do you want this? No one uses it ” Got a brand new mac book for college.”

4. The Redneck Riviera.

“My brother in law builds custom homes in the Redneck Riviera belt of Florida.

One day, he called me to come over to this $15m beach house he was doing a complete remodel of. He was the original builder. He asked me to bring my truck and trailer. I show up, and he walks me through all four floors.

He then says, “The owners have removed all the stuff they want to keep. She has told me to dispose of everything as I see fit. Get what you want.”

Furniture, appliances, outdoor furniture, rugs, lamps, artwork, you name it. I don’t know the value of everything I took home with me that day, but it was the highest end stuff I’ve ever seen.

FOUR floors of it, and I only got one trailer load because I simply couldn’t fit anything else in my house. I likely had over $20k worth of furniture and appliances on that trailer.”

3. The butler.

“My sister is a butler for a super wealthy family she told me a couple crazy stories.

The family once got this super expensive rare breed cat and a few months later the wife tells my sister she can feel the cat isn’t quite happy in their house so she asks her to take their private jet to drop the cat off in their mansion on Lake Como, Italy so it could spend a holiday in the sun.

That same woman would then sometimes berate my sister for buying soap in plastic dispensers instead of just soap bars because it’s bad for our planet- They bought this insanely huge super luxurious cabin in one the most expensive ski stations in Switzerland.

They realized the cabin ( more like a mansion really ) right next to theirs was for sale and then bought that one as well just so they wouldn’t have close neighbors.”

2. That’s wild.

“Years ago I used to work carpentry mainly doing sunrooms. One of our clients was a brain surgeon who was married to a lawyer and they subsequently had a massive house on a large property.

Their son was also some type of neuroscientist and with his parents’ permission, had yet another massive house built on this same property. Problem is, city ordinances prohibit 2 separate livable dwellings on the same property.

Mind you these houses were about a quarter mile away from each other. So to comply with the ordinances, THEY BUILD A WALL BETWEEN THE HOUSES.

And this isn’t just some dinky picket fence type of wall, it’s a massive medieval style wall that has round towers with merlons and crenels, a gym midway through, AND a massive $750k+ all-glass sunroom all the while being wide enough to have room for a walking path and a road for golf carts…. inside the wall.

The city ordinance said only one livable dwelling can be on their property, so they just made a massive hallway between their houses…”

1. Manny work.

“I did a Manny (Male Nanny) job for a rich couple who wanted someone to care for their kids.

The wife didn’t want a female nanny and I was in college so it helped pay the bills. One day they asked “Do you want to go to Hawaii?” Turns out the company that the husband was the COO of was doing an executive retreat in Hawaii.

Instead of finding daycare in Hawaii for their kids they thought it’d be easier to just pay for me to fly to Hawaii, care for the kids during the day, and then have my evenings or their “family time” free.

So I went to Hawaii on their dime, had my own hotel room, they paid me for my time and gave me a large stipend for my own food/entertainment. I ended up with pretty much every evening off so I got to spend it.

During the day I brought their kids to the beach, we went hiking, and did some touristy running around. On top of that they gave me $5k in “spending money” in case any of the kids wanted anything.

I had to show reciepts, but when I tried to turn in the receipts the wife just said “Oh don’t worry about it, it’s only a couple grand” and never verified how I’d spent some of that money.

I couldn’t tell if she just trusted me implicitly by that point or if she truely thought the amount was so small it didn’t matter.

They were a really nice family, just very well off which made just spending money on any problems the easiest answer. I actually got invited to the oldest daughter’s high school graduation because she considered me a friend.”

These are like scenes from a movie.

Weird and wild stuff!

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