April 11, 2024 at 10:38 pm

‘A guest left a briefcase with 35k in it.’ – Hotel Workers Talk About The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen On The Job

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

I always thought it would be pretty interesting to work in a hotel…at least for a little while.

The long-term prospect of that career sounds pretty rough, but I think it would be interesting to see what goes on with crazy guests and the shenanigans they get into.

And today’s my lucky day, because these Reddit users shared wild stories about working in hotels.

Check out what they had to say.


“My wife worked as a night front desk attendant for a very budget hotel. She had some stories.

The saddest was a couple who were celebrating their wedding night/honeymoon at her hotel. They had been drinking at the reception and came in very happy and friendly. The man came back down after couple of hours because he couldn’t sleep due to back pain.

He talked to my wife for a bit and offered her some cake before heading back to the room. He proceeded to take some of his wife’s morphine pills, which interacted with the alcohol in his system. His new bride woke up the next morning a widow.

Then there was a time when the cleaning ladies found a blowup doll a guess left in the room. One of the ladies was super excited to bring it home to her adult son…”


“Cams in a room.

They have to scan every room now to validate that there was nothing communicating in the room now because of how many they have found.”


“My father managed a hotel when I was younger.

He came home one day distraught after finding a room with **** everywhere. The guest had **** in all of the pillow cases and smeared it all over the bathroom as well.

I remember him saying it looked like a pig had lived in the room for a week.”

Big pimpin’.

“While working the night audit at a very upscale hotel a known pimp (who was previously given a trespass notice to never come back to the hotel) somehow got in the building.

Around midnight he tried to get upstairs to see his girlfriend and security told him leave or get arrested. Around 4 am he came down the main mezzanine staircase dragging a girl down the stairs by her hair. She was only wearing one shoe, it was clicking on the stairs on the way down.

They were in one of the very expensive suites adjacent to the presidential suite and owner suite. The person that rented the suite was a VIP and knew how to use the staff elevator and a back entrance so they wouldn’t be seen by the public into or out of the hotel.

Some shady stuff went on with that guest getting put on the Do Not Rent list. The VIP had the place booked in someone else’s name. The VIP wasn’t banned for life, but the person who’s name was checked in can’t ever rent from the property anymore.”


“Former Motel 6 employee outside of New Orleans.

**** bodies always bothered me the most.

Almost always recently ****, not the hidden body trope you always hear about.

As far as weirdest I’d say the room covered in smeared butter and syrup. Literal piles of empty syrup bottles in the bathroom.”

All kinds of stuff.

“A briefcase that had “If lost, please mail to the FBI”.

A half melted ice sculpture for doing shots.

A person’s dog that they left behind.”


“A large sack full of pinecones.

We do not have any pine trees nearby so they had to have brought them with.

It confuses and haunts me to this day.”

Something out of a horror movie.

“Had a lady check in early & ask for a late check out.

She still hadn’t checked out by 2 pm & wouldn’t come out of the room. When we were about to have her escorted out she finally left. In the room was 100’s of little white out bottles everywhere.

She had painted every reflective surface with white out including all the plumbing under the sink, all the fixtures, every screw & had started painting the mirrors.”

Permanently banned.

“Former hotel front desk.

At a mid range business hotel ($200+ nightly) we got a frantic call on the radio from housekeeping about a room being nasty.

Yeah, it was nasty. **** thrown on the ceiling, smeared on the walls, on the floor. The bathroom had **** in the tub.

The room was declared a biohazard, we preauthorized about $2k on the CC, and a specialty company was brought in to clean it.

Customer wasn’t even mad when we called them to inform them of the charges, and the ban from the property.”

You forgot something.

“A loaded .45 on the bedside table after checkout. I worked at a resort in northern Minnesota.

The guy just left it there after checking out. We had to call him and he had to drive back to pick it up. When asked he said he was worried about the bears.

He was staying in our main lodge building on the second floor which was essentially a hotel.”

Never a dull moment.

“A guest left a briefcase with £35k in it, tried to contact them several times to no avail, after 6 months the police advised us it was now ours – this went to the staff bonus pot.

One guest fell seriously ill and was hospitalised. The situation didn’t sit right and locked their companion out of the room (they were given an alternative room for free).

Found the companion trying to break into the room (despite our offer to get stuff for them). Police were called and they were wanted by them, also transpired they’d poisoned the guest and were after their wealth.

An urn with someone’s ashes.

Most disgusting is this. Heard the most blood curdling of screams coming from the rooms. Ran up and found a very traumatised housekeeper. As she flicked the bedding (to change the bed), unbeknownst to her, was a used condom.

This flicked up in the air and landed on her head. She was frozen in fear and screaming. Had to help her by picking it off her. Understandably she had the rest of the day off.”


“I worked in a hotel back in 1990 as one of the kitchen staff. After our shift was over a lot of the kitchen staff would hang out in one of the empty rooms.

One day one of the staff brought a plastic jug of chocolate milk. He didn’t drink hardly any of it, and wedged the jug between the wall and the radiator. It was in the middle of January so the radiator was cranked all the time.

Sour milk is one of the most disgusting smells known to man. The chocolate milk eventually turned sour, and because of the heat from the radiator, pressure built up inside the plastic jug. It was a ticking time bomb.

A couple of weeks later a newlywed couple who were on their honeymoon rented the room. At approximately 2:30 AM the pressure was too much and the plastic jug exploded, almost coating the entire room in rotten, reeking, and absolutely foul stinking sour chocolate milk.

The bride was covered in brown liquid that smelled worse than **** and was running up and down the hallway screaming, waking a bunch of people up.

The hotel had to give them another room and refund their money.

It was almost a month before the room they were staying in could be rented again.”

Sounds like a weird job…

And sometimes a scary one!

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