April 11, 2024 at 1:34 am

A Man Followed Them To Their House After A Road Incident, So They Followed Him Back And Scared The Daylights Out Of Him

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@notaphotographer

Do you want a life tip?

Don’t mess with people when you’re driving!

Because there are a lot of psychos out there and you never know who you’re gonna rub the wrong way…

Like the person you’re about to hear from!

Check out how they handled a road rager!

Follow me to my house, I’ll follow you back…

“Driving home yesterday and I needed to change lanes so I could make a right turn in a couple of blocks. I check my mirror and hit my turn signal.

They encountered an aggressive driver.

Well the guy that was back a couple car lengths speeds up to try and block me in the left lane. Sorry but I’m coming over. The guy lays on his horn for half a block. I laugh and wave (I even used all my fingers, not just the middle one). So the guy follows me for the next mile and turns into my neighborhood behind me.

Not unusual since there are some apartments there. He follows me for a couple more turns and I start paying attention. The last 2 turns he would only make if he lived on the same street.

Still, I have a couple neighbors that drive the same kind of car, so not too worried. When the guy drives past my house to the end of the block and turns the corner, I know he was just messing with me.

Well, ****!


Now he knows where I live and what I drive. I know nothing other than it’s a guy driving a Subaru. Narrows it way down right?! So I back outta my driveway and back around the corner. Sure enough, here he comes around the block and back out of the neighborhood.

Let’s turn the tables on him!

At this point I decide to give the guy a taste of his own medicine and start following him. He jumps on the main road and heads north. I follow the guy for about 5 miles to the next town. He’s driving ok and I’m keeping a safe distance but on his tail enough that he knows I’m there.

I had been watching him gesturing with his hands and swerving a little, not bad though, so I figure he’s talking on the phone. I’m hoping he don’t have a bunch of friends waiting wherever he’s headed, but he also has a temp tag and I still couldn’t identify a thing other than the make of the car, so I keep going. He heads through a light and onto Main St and at that point I know he’s on the phone with 911.


Sure enough the guy pulls up to the police station and into a parking space. I roll up right next to the guy and hop out to go talk. He won’t even look at me so I stick my phone camera in his windshield and take a picture of the dude.

Just then a cop walks up behind me and starts asking why I’m following the guy and videoing him. Two more cops show up and start asking me a bunch of questions too.

Here’s the deal.

So I explained that he followed me first. They go over all the things that could go wrong with me following someone. So I go over all the things that could go wrong without me following him and that I was glad he came to them.

Because now, even though I don’t know who he is, they do and he knows it. So now I don’t have to worry about him coming by my house later.

They were all telling me how shook up the guy was. That he was pretty scared. I told them to let him know that following people to their homes probably wasn’t the best activity for him… They agreed.”

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I bet he won’t make that mistake again.

What a jerk!

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