April 21, 2024 at 5:33 am

A Manager Made Everybody Document Their Tasks After One Employee Wasn’t Pulling Their Weight, So Employees Got Revenge By Overloading Her With Emails About Their Daily Workload

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Nobody likes a micromanager!

You can say that again!

And the person who wrote this story on Reddit had enough and decided to take action.

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Micromanager gets what she asked for.

So someone in my department at work isn’t pulling their weight so everyone in the department across all branches has to now do this little tally sheet of how much of each task we do every day and how long it takes us.

I call it a babysitting sheet…we’ve been doing them for a year as of May 1st. At this point most managers don’t care if we turn it in every day as long as we get them in every week.

There’s always one…

But one manager is a micromanager (and not even the manager of my branch).

It’s been a busy week…I was going to send management my sheets at the end of th week Like a lot of other people do.

Instead the micromanager from another branch emails me like “oh I haven’t gotten any sheets from you in a week” and doesn’t even cc my manager on the email….so, she wanted the sheets…I sent them.

Here you go!

I sent her an apology email. Then I sent each sheet…in a separate email…and separate attachment. So now she has 5 emails from me in her inbox.

And….just to be petty since she asks us to write EVERYTHING we do all day…I wrote “emailed (manager) my tally sheet” and then put 5 tallies next to it.

Not the most juicy malicious compliance but I’m pretty satisfied with my level of passive aggression today.”

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Ask and you shall receive…

Nice work!

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