April 20, 2024 at 1:27 pm

A Neighbor Wouldn’t Stop Being Rude So This Guy Hacked Into His WiFi System And Embarrassed Him

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@priscilladupreez

Some neighbors need to learn the hard way…

And if you’ve had to deal with folks like this before, you know that’s the truth!

Take a look at this story from Reddit about how this guy handled a neighbor who was a real JERK.

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Neighbor kept hogging the shared garden, so I kept his wifi hostage until he moved out.

“A few years ago, my gf and I used to live in a small building with only a handful of apartments and a tiny garden we shared with the rest of the residents.

There was one big problem…

My neighbor was this guy everyone couldn’t stand: constantly blaring music, leaving trash in front of his door, loud intoxicated grill parties all weekend, every weekend, and ignoring all requests to keep it down, citing his ‘rights’ to be loud. You know the one.

Our window had a direct view to the garden where he hosted said grill parties (despite numerous requests to let other people use the space too), and one day I noticed he had a similar sound system to ours.

Time to get to work.

It required no authentication for a bluetooth connection, so I wrote a program that would connect to his speakers the moment he turned them on, and played the same 15 seconds of **** sounds on repeat.

He kept taking the speakers to the service, which obviously didn’t help, so he bought a newer set.

His new sound system could connect to wifi.

Thanks for the info!

Since he made the mistake of loudly announcing his wifi password to his guests regularly.

I connected to it, realized he never changed the default router password, and wrote another program that connected automatically and kept rotating his admin pw.

I even set up my old laptop to run this program continuously.

It also kept streaming **** to his TV at random intervals, printed a luscious **** pic whenever his printer came online, and either abruptly changed the volume of his speakers every 47 minutes, or kept subtly increasing/decreasing it through several hours.

He had no idea…

I saw people from our ISP at his apartment several times trying to ‘fix’ his network, to no avail–the moment they reset his wifi, my program was already there, changing the admin password.

After about 3 months of this, they gave him a new router with a new password.

Which he never changed, and promptly announced to his friends the following weekend.

Instead of his usual blaring music, we listened to him yell and smash kitchenware the last few weeks before he finally moved out. It was like music to our ears nonetheless.”

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This is hilarious. Well done!

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