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After A Minor Accident A Driver Decided To Lie To Police, So The Other Driver Got His Dashcam Footage And Showed The Cops What Really Went Down

by Trisha Leigh

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No one likes getting into a car accident, even a minor one.

Whether you’re at fault or not, one thing is for sure: fixing it is going to take up a lot of your time (and possibly money).

This driver got into an accident that was “mostly” his fault.

So I got into a car accident a few days ago. It was minor but mostly my fault.

I was doing a k turn out of a residential driveway on a busy street and while backing up, hit a car that was speeding to get past.

No airbags were deployed and both cars were completely drivable.

This accident happened about 4:45.

In the car was a middle aged father and mother with a toddler in a carseat in the back next to the door that was hit.

This family does not speak English.

So, he waited while the other driver, who didn’t speak English, made a call.

The father got out of the car and did the immediate “look at my damage” that come with an accident.

He tells me there’s a baby in the back and shows me the still sleeping child.

His wife immediately gets on the phone with who I believe is the police.

We pull into a parking lot to get off the busy road and wait.

About 20 minutes later I grabbed their hubcap out of the road and handed it to the gentleman and he opened the back door again and showed me the sleeping baby.

It turned out it wasn’t to the police, though.

It’s now about 5:40 and the couple’s niece and her bf show up.

They immediate demand money to fix the car and I told them we’ll go through insurance.

She asks several times if I REALLY want to go that way and I told her there was no way I had the money to fix both cars, so insurance it is.

Once their translator got there, the police did get a call.

SHE proceeds to call the police at that point.

The aunt was on the phone with her and not the police?!

Ugh fine I’ll wait even longer for the police to come then.

Around 615 the toddler finally wakes up and starts crying.

It’s now been asleep for at least an hour and a half and most likely is hungry.

Then, the translator (niece) started making up all sorts of inaccurate details.

At 630 the cops show up and ask the niece if the baby needs paramedics, and the niece (who didn’t show up up until almost an hour after the initial collision) starts to lie to the police about how the baby has been crying since the accident and to send them.

I’ve been in a few accidents over my years as a driver and now I’m starting to smell what this really is, insurance scam.

So, this guy mentions his dashcam footage.

I look through my dash cam and was able to prove they sped through a red light right before the driveway where I turned from.

When the cop came to ask me what happened I told him my side of the events and showed the dash cam proving the light was red in the direction they claimed to be coming from.

For good measure I told the police that the baby only started crying about 15 minutes prior to when they got there.

Slowly, things began to turn in his favor.

The niece started screaming that I was lying.

I then told the police officer “If what she says is true then I’d like to make a claim against them for child endangerment.

They claim that baby was crying for the last 2 hours from the accident and never once did they call 911 for medical assistance.

They called their niece to come here instead of emergency services and only asked for them AFTER they were offered.

The car seat also isn’t center mounted like required by state law and should be cited.”

At that point the niece is calling me every name in the book like she just found I cheated on her from Jerry Springer.

I then calmly tell the officer that my dashcam was running the entire time we were stopped and have it on record when the child woke up.

Another good day for the honest blokes of the world.

The officer looked at her and said “ma’am it’s a crime to lie on a police report, was the baby crying since the accident?”

All of a sudden she now “had to check with her aunt and uncle to find out.”

She withdrew her claim and the officer tossed out her “witness statement” because she wasn’t an actual witness to anything.

Hopefully no bs lawsuit comes from it!

I bet Reddit has some thoughts on this one!

I’m thinking of getting a dashcam now too.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

You could be someone’s hero!

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Seriously, no one regrets their purchase.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

The process sure can be long without video proof.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

You always want to protect yourself.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

People like this get what they deserve.

They’re one of the reasons insurance costs so dang much to begin with, I swear.

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