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‘Finally no partying lifestyle.’ – After Her Daughter Disowned Her, This Mom Has Some Conditions Before Letting Her Come Home

by Ryan McCarthy

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Having your parents divorce while you’re growing up is never easy for anyone.

Having your parents be in wildly different financial situations only complicates things even more.

But that still doesn’t excuse the horrible treatment this user suffered from her daughter.

So when her daughter came crawling back asking her for a place to live, OP had a long list of rules to follow if she wanted to live in her house.

Was she in the wrong? Decide for yourself!

AITA for telling my daughter that she made it clear she has no mother and having a long list she must do to move back in.

I will keep the background short, I divorced my ex-husband when my daughter (Maria) was 10.

I got the house but was a SAHM, so I had trouble making ends meet.

So lots of budgeting after I got a job in my field again.

My ex didn’t have this problem and could spoil her.

He spoiled her rotten, and it really affect our relationship.

Apparently OP’s daughter equated buying her things with treating her well.

I would tell her I can’t afford to get her a $1000 dollar laptop and it would cause a huge argument about how dad is better.

Tried to get her a job, argument happened.

When she was 17 she decided to drop from high school, I told her no. She told me it was her life and she can do what she wants.

Another argument and she left to live with dad permanently.
I tried to contact her multiple time but she told me I wasn’t her mother anymore and leave her alone.

But when Dad’s new wife spoiled her “perfect” living arrangement, she came crawling right back to OP!

She is now 21 and her dad has gotten remarried and basically kicked her out. She called me and we met up.

She wants to move back in and I only told her only under these conditions:

  • She needs to get her GED.
  • She needs to be working a job at least 25+ hours a week.
  • She needs to be looking into what her career will be and either go to a trade school or college.
  • She won’t need to pay rent but needs to buy her own stuff, like clothes and personal items.
  • She needs to contribute to the shared areas (chores, she would refuse to do them as a kid)
  • Finally no partying lifestyle. She needs to focus on getting her life together not going out every night like she used to do, save it for the weekend.

Unsurprisingly, OP’s daughter was less than thrilled about these new rules, and told her about as much.

She called me a crazy jerk and that I am a terrible mother.

I informed her that she made it clear she has no mother.

She stormed out and I am getting texts.

Reddit reassured OP that her requests were more than reasonable, especially considering her daughter’s treatment of her in the past.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user warned against not having a GED, explaining how hard it was for someone she knew to hold down a job without one.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said if OP’s daughter talked to her Dad’s wife like she talked to OP, it’s no mystery why she got kicked out!

Source: Reddit/AITA

But some people wanted to hear her daughter’s side of the story before they passed judgement.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user wondered what she did to get kicked out of her Father’s house!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Oh no, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions!

Weird how those always seem to pop up.

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