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Aggressive Man Bothers Other Patrons And Snaps His Fingers At Staff, So The Bartender Gives Him A Shot He Will Never Forget

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

You ever go out with someone who really wants you to take a shot with them?

It doesn’t matter how many times you say no, they’re back again in 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like tequila, because they’ll do vodka, or green tea, or lemon drops.

At a certain point you want to grab their shoulders and yell “ENOUGH! Go bother someone else!”

If so, I’m sure we all could have used a bartender like this user.

After seeing a guy aggressively pester his reluctant friend into taking shots, gave the jerk a truly heinous mixture of alcohol, and only gave the friend juice!

Check it out!

You wanna wear tough guys pants? Good luck cleaning them tomorrow.

I work as a bartender in a small cocktail bar for some time now, and I’m usually chill.

But bullies can still push my buttons in a wrong way. Before starting, I may be in the wrong for doing this, but it is what it is.

A week ago, a bunch of guys came for a few. They seemed like OK dudes, early 20-ish, but the group dynamic was kinda off.

One member of the group caught OP’s attention in particular, and not in a good way.

Introducing the main antagonist. Obnoxious guy, too loud, snapping his fingers at me when ordering (don’t snap fingers at bartenders kids, we’re not dogs).

He was punching his friends in the shoulders all the time… A sportier, really aggressive version of a David Spade character he was.

Next to David Spade, sat the victim of most of his “playful” teasings. Silently enduring the jerk’s crap, I really felt sorry for this fellow.

He wasn’t a drinker, but he looked like he would rather be drinking distilled devils pee than continue sitting next to this macho maniac.

But the absolute charmer wasn’t exactly picking up on this vibe, and was harassing him to do a shot together.

He was really uncomfortable. David continued to bug him to take a shot at least, “come on, one with me, don’t be a wimp, a b***h…”

That is until, after a whole night of persuasion, finally my dude waved the white flag. “Ok, let’s do one shot together, then leave me be.”

“Two of your most messed up shots,” Spade shouted snapping his fingers, while I imagined snapping his neck.

And if it was nasty shots he wanted, it was nasty shots that OP was going to give to him!

Oh, you’ll get a messed up shot, buddy. I made them two layered shots, but while looking almost the same, they were entirely different.

David got stuff like Red Jacques Senaux Absinthe (75% alcohol), Stroh (80% alcohol), and tabasco (110% flaming diarrhea). Really nasty business all together.

Other guy got mostly syrups, juices, harmless stuff. They looked almost identical.

Red Absinth can pass visually as a cranberry juice, Stroh as a syrup from brown sugar, Sambuca as anything colorless, etc…

Soon it was the moment of truth…

They took their shots and all chaos broke loose. Other guy chugged his shot like a champion, not even flinching (why would he, he drank juice).

But David Spade… Boy, oh boy. He looked like he’d have a brain aneurism.

Tears pouring from eyes, coughing like his lungs want to come out, he had a face and a posture of a man who just got waterboarded with some sort of chilly sauce.

Other guy looked surprised until he caught a wink from me, but David Spade and the rest of the crew, now roaring with laughter about his misery, suspected nothing.

And after seeing the fruits of his labor, OP said he regretted absolutely nothing.

They got their shots on the house, poor dude was left alone, and David was a good boy for the rest of the night, deflatedly enduring small mockings from his fellows.

Now, I may have used my powers in a wrong way, but this is the first and only time I messed with customers drinks. And I regret nothing.

He was rude, aggressive even, to everyone around him. Screw you, sporty David Spade.

Absolutely no sympathy for someone who snaps their fingers at a food-service worker. Davey got exactly what was coming to him!

Reddit said on its surface, this story was one of OP’s incredible generosity!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said it was a hilarious example of strangers having each others’ backs in public.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This former bartender remembered doing something similar to save a girl being bothered by three jerks.

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And finally, this user said people like David Spade are the exact reason he doesn’t go out drinking anymore.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Tip your bartenders, folks!

They have more power over your night then you realize!

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