April 14, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Air Traveler Gets Into A Hilarious Battle Of Wills Over The Window Shade With A Spicy Toddler

by Laura Lynott

Image Credit: TikTok/@vmaymah

What do you do if you come head-to-head with an determined toddler on a flight?

Well, most of us would let them at it, as they’re a kid, right?

But not this woman.

When the kid in front of her on a flight kept pulling her window blind down, she was having absolutely none of it.

Some folk agreed with her and others felt this is a kid, just chill and let him have his way.

Source: TikTok/@vmaymah

@vmaymah posted the clip on TikTok and it has blown up.

“POV: the kid in front of me thinks he can close MY window shade.”

Source: TikTok/@vmaymah

Quite clearly the little man does think he’s entitled to do this.

And this leads to him closing it and her opening it and so on so forth in a battle of wills.

Source: TikTok/@vmaymah

Seriously though, what do you do on a flight if a child is being an absolute pain?

Watch the full clip here:

Here’s what people thought of the clip:


Its my window 😐 #windowseat #plane #foryou #viral #fy

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What if the kid was REALLY tired!

Source: TikTok/@vmaymah

This got territorial real quick!

Source: TikTok/@vmaymah


Source: TikTok/@vmaymah

I can’t help but wonder what the parent was doing all this time.

That said, I probably wouldn’t fight with a toddler. They usually win.

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