April 21, 2024 at 8:46 pm

Annoying Woman Tried To Record Her Workout At A Gym, So They Kept Walking In Front Of Her Phone To Mess With Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sulemakaroglu

Are we almost done with this trend yet?

I’m talking about people recording themselves working out at gyms so they can post the videos on social media to…impress people, I guess?

It’s so annoying!

But it sounds like there’s a solution to this problem…check out what these folks did.

I (and a group) purposefully walked in front of someone’s camera who was recording in the gym.

“This was a group effort.

Now I was at my local gym and it was pretty busy. I had managed to find an empty bench where the dumbbell racks were. Another woman had also set up shop on a bench but rather than using the bench for its intended purposes, she was using it to hold her things.

Oh, boy…

Instead, she had her camera set up right in front of the rack, like it was propped up against the rack while she lifted weights about four feet in front of the dumbbells. It was really annoying and I was upset because I was in her shot and didn’t want to be recorded.

I was about to go to the front desk and tell an employee when I see a man walk in front of her camera to put his weights down.

The woman got a disgruntled look on her face, stopped lifting, walked over to the camera and I guess she stopped recording and restarted it.

She started lifting again when the same man walked in front of the camera and that’s when I noticed he purposefully went out of his way to walk in front of her camera.

She saw what was going on.

She once again stopped lifting to stop the camera looking even more frustrated.

She turned to the man and said “Could you not? You can see I’m recording.”

To which he responded “Could you not? You can see people are trying to actually work out. ”

After that, she went back to what she was doing (recording) but more people started going out of their way to walk between her and her camera.

Let’s have some fun!

I joined in too, adding an overly polite “Excuse me” along with a smile when I did so.

Finally, she gave up, looking as if she wanted to throw a temper-tantrum, and stormed out of the gym.”

Here’s what folks had to say on Reddit.

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Can these people go away…


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