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Bookstore Worker Gave Them A Hard Time About Minimum Credit Card Charges, So They Bought A Bunch Of Items And Returned Them To Prove A Point.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@paulinel

First of all, I didn’t know that Scantron forms still existed!

Secondly, this bookstore employee at a college needed to be taken down a notch…and you better believe that’s exactly what happened!

Enjoy this story from Reddit!

College bookstore power-tripping​ clerk.

“A few years ago I was heading to class to take a final in my music history class and forgot a scantron form.

Remember those things?!?!

I stopped by the college book store, grabbed a scantron and ran up to the counter.

This is when I met “her”.

“Her” was a mid 50s woman with wrinkles on her face that can only come with holding a constant scowl on your face for decades.

When I pulled out my card she pointed to a sign that said $10 minimum. Yes $10. The scantron was about 20 cents. I can totally get a $5 minimum, but 10? Come on.

I’ll take that!

Well, I didn’t have any change in my pocket, but, there was a take a penny leave a penny jar. So I reached over and grabbed a couple of dimes someone was kind enough to leave.

“Her” put her hand over the jar and said you can leave change but you can’t take change. At this point I figured I could either get really upset or play the game she wanted.

I told her I understood and that there where a few more items I still needed. I proceeded to go the the furthest corners of the store and pick up about $200 worth of small items from the highest, lowest, and most inconvenient spots in the store.

Here it comes!

I walked up to the counter with my basket, the entire time “Her” had a wicked smile on her face like she’d won. Whelp, as soon as I signed for the items I told her “I’d like to return everything but the scantron please”.

She was livid! People don’t usually yell at me, but she completely lost it. She ended up calling campus police and the other workers. When the campus police arrived they informed her that what I did was completely legal.

“Her” couldn’t handle it but had to refund me for everything but the scantron. The campus police told me with a smirk to please not do that again.

I said yes sir and headed to my final.

I was about 20 min late for the final but ended up making an A.”

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