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Bully Tries To Force Junior High Kid To Give Him His Fundraising Money, So He Hatches A Plan And Gets The Bully To Give Him Money

by Chris Allen

Stupid Ahh Bully MC Bully Tries To Force Junior High Kid To Give Him His Fundraising Money, So He Hatches A Plan And Gets The Bully To Give Him Money

High school bullying is such a horrible part of life. Just miserable people causing more misery around them.

But it seems like karma always finds a way to smack these bad people back a couple steps.

This is a story of karmic-sized proportions that reverberated through the neighborhood.

And the ending is SO worth it.

Thieving bully demands I take him home in order to give him my fundraising earnings. I comply and it works out beautifully for me.

I was in middle school in the 90s. I loved growing up then and even though there were gangs in my area, I generally avoided trouble.

One of my classes had this big field trip planned and they had us selling chocolates to raise money for our trip. I was pretty good at it and was selling at a good rate.

Cue this horrid bully.

Gotta feel so bad for the younger OP.

I would take the bus (public transportation) to school and my stop was about 2 blocks from my home. I got off at my stop one day with my box of chocolates and there was this older kid (around 16-17), pretty big for his age hanging out there.

He saw me and came towards me. This guy is clearly a gang banger. “Payaso” comes up to me and says “Hey homie where you from?” He was asking what gang I was from. It’s not the first time I get challenged like this so I just reply “I don’t bang man, I’m just a junior high kid”

Can you guess what the bully did?

Payaso looks at my box of chocolates and takes it from me “what’s this?” I tell him it’s nothing, it’s something for school. He opens the box and sees a bunch of dollars in there.

He grabs the bills (around $15, my sales for the day) and takes a bunch of chocolates as well.

But he didn’t stop there.

Of course he didn’t. OP was fuming mad and scared.

“Tomorrow you’re going to give me $20 more. If you don’t, we are going to have a real f*****g problem.” I walk away feeling scared and p****d off.

I realized I’m going to have to pay back the lost money from my birthday money. And I definitely didn’t want to give this guy any more money.

So he comes up with a plan to avoid this “guy”.

I think about it and decide I’ll get off at a later bus stop from now on and walk a little more just to avoid this guy. The next day this is what I do. I stuff my box in my backpack just in case and I exit about two stops later.

I don’t see the guy and think I have solved my problem. Then I get to the liquor store a block away from home and who do I see but this overgrown idiot Payaso.

Like come ON now. Why did he have to be there?

“Hey man, you didn’t forget about me did you?” I said “look man, I don’t have any money right now. I don’t even have my chocolates. I left them at home.” I shouldn’t have said that.

“Ok, let’s go to your house and you’re going to give me the money or something else if you don’t got it.” I begin getting real nervous. My mom is at work and my grandma is home.

But OP had +100 Perception enabled.

And thought so quickly on the spot.

I definitely don’t want to bring him home with her there. I glance at him and notice the tattoos on his arms. At this point I saw the perfect opportunity for malicious compliance.

I tell him “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Why don’t you just let me go man” Payaso grabs me by the collar and says “I tell you what to do and you f*****g do it. You understand?” I nod my head and tell him to follow me.

This is one of those times where the back story is really important…

Now it’s time to give a little background. My neighbor, that lived in the house next to mine was a “Veterano”, a veteran of one of the biggest, most notorious gangs in the city. He was in his 40s and a real chill dude.

He loved my grandma because she would often share plates of food she made with him and his wife, and he was fond of me because I taught his 8yr old boy how to play baseball.

His son had a disability, a problem with one of his legs, so most other kids wouldn’t play with him but I often did.

OG sounds like mayyyybe not the guy to cross?

Let’s call my neighbor OG. OG always had a bunch of guys over at his house. He made sure they never caused problems and they were all respectful towards my family in particular.

Back to Payaso. The tattoos on his arms? I realized he was from the same gang as OG. I have a big smile as I’m walking home and Payaso asks me “Why are you smiling pendejo (idiot)?” I say “no reason” and keep walking home.

He finally gets to the house.

Time for the plan to unfold.

As we get closer I see a bunch of guys hanging out at OGs house. Payaso narrows his eyes then smiles as he recognizes some of the guys. We get to OGs house and Payaso says “wait here pendejo, let me talk to my homies”

OG is sitting on his porch and Payaso starts greeting some of the guys and then heads towards OG and greets him in a reverential manner. OG notices me and says my name “Hey OP, what’s up?”

Nothing left to do but close the trap on this ogre.

Payaso turns to look at me and I say “Payaso told me to wait here. I have to go home and give him money.”

OG stands up and says “Why do you have to give him money?”

I say “Because he told me yesterday at my bus stop that the $15 and chocolates he took from me wasn’t enough and I had to give him more today”

Payaso begins to speak “you know this kid OG?”

OG gives him the scariest look I’ve ever seen and tells him to shut the f*** up.

OG looks back at me and asks “Is this from the chocolates you are selling?” I said yes.

OG then quickly ascertains what’s gone on.

And he’s having NONE of it.

OG asks me how many chocolates I have left to sell. I say about 50. He tells me not to worry, Payaso is going to pay me for the 50 I have left, plus 20 for the day before, and an extra 50 for my trouble.

He tells me to keep whatever else I sell. He tells me to go home and Payaso would be back later with my money.

The payoff here is utterly perfect.

About an hour later there is a knock on my door and Payaso has an envelope and says “here’s $120 little homie. I f***** up. I’m sorry. Do you have Nintendo? I brought you some games”

I just stood there stunned and thinking how I never would have guessed that getting robbed had so many benefits.

I didn’t see Payaso too many times after that, but whenever I did he would wave at me and never bothered me again.

Absolutely. Glorious.

The hubris of the bold and the reckless.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Now THAT is how you do it!

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