April 5, 2024 at 8:47 pm

Car Accident Victim Learned An Insurance Hack That Got Him Back $5,000 After A Wreck

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@itstrevorabney

Car wrecks…ugh.

Talk about a way to just completely upend like an entire half of your year.

If you’re lucky you’ve walked away from a minor one, no bodily injury to you or the other car’s passengers.

Because you’re going to then have to deal with insurance.

One guy on TikTok named Trevor was in a wreck, but he had some wisdom to impart.

Source: TikTok/@itstrevorabney

He explains his wreck, and what went on with his insurance.

Nice setup.

“So when I got into a wreck, it was my fault, but my insurance still paid for it because I have full coverage.”

But it’s when his car got fixed that he learned something very interesting.

Source: TikTok/@itstrevorabney

He explains that his 2016 Dodge Charger was worth $22k before the wreck.

And it’s now worth around $15k.

The guy told him, “Don’t forget to call your insurance and ask for a depreciation value.”

Camera: ZOOM.

Source: TikTok/@itstrevorabney

He goes on to explain that if you have full coverage, and your car loses value because of the wreck,

“You can call your insurance and get a check for the amount of value that was lost in the wreck!”

Check out his full video here:


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Now let’s see how folks reacted to this glorious news.

Oh look an insurance agent was here to drop a wet blanket all over this parade.

Source: TikTok/@itstrevorabney

One commenter was here for all the jokes.

Source: TikTok/@itstrevorabney

While people just hate car insurance in general.

Can’t blame em.

Source: TikTok/@itstrevorabney

Be safe out there, fam!

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