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Car Salesman Didn’t Believe They Enough Money To Buy A Certain Vehicle, So He Took His Business Elsewhere And Made Sure The Guy’s Boss Found Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Well, this story doesn’t exactly endear us to car salesmen, does it?

It comes to us from Reddit and the salesman at the center of the story can only be summed up with one word: JERK!

But he got his in the end!

Take a look at what happened!

Car salesman talks himself out of a sale.

“About 7 years ago, I (26 at the time) got a new job which meant we didn’t need our two cars so my wife (27 at the time) decided that we would sell both our cars and buy a bigger, nicer single car.

We both had well-paying and stable jobs and, additionally, had the support of a low-interest loan from parents to fund a purchase.

We did our research extensively and decided that there were two options for us: a Ford Mondeo or a Kia Ceed with our preference for the Mondeo.

They had done their homework.

We’d worked out all the financials and had the spreadsheets to calculate that we could afford both (second hand). At this point, we found our local dealerships and booked appointments with both to test drive the cars so we could make a final decision.

We arrived at the Kia dealership and all went fine. We liked the car and the salesperson was helpful. We happily trundled across to the Ford garage for our appointment and were met by John the salesman.

John was an old white salesman who had clearly been selling cars for years and he had clearly made a snap decision about the young couple in front of him.

Here we go…

John sat us down at his desk and proceeded to tell us how expensive and exclusive the Mondeo was and he wasn’t sure we would be able to afford it. He asked us our budget and we told him, but he didn’t seem to accept this.

He wanted us to tell him our salaries and other financial data and we refused, saying we just wanted to test drive one. He told us he couldn’t let us do that unless he knew we were serious buyers. We even asked if we could at least see inside one and he refused that too.

We left and walked back into the Kia dealership and bought the car we test drove earlier and were very happy with it, keeping it for the next 6 years!

He wasn’t done yet.

This wasn’t enough for me though! I took a picture of the Kia and sent it to the manager of the Ford branch to say that we had bought the Kia because of the actions of John.

The reply from the manager was surprising: he replied that he was devastated because their margins were so tight and explained that John would receive a reprimand for losing them money.

Moral of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover!”

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What a jerk!

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