April 15, 2024 at 2:36 pm

Citizen Lost A Lot Of Money Because She Fell For A Sophisticated Jury Duty Scam. – ‘These people have a script.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@th4ylov4m4r

Scammers are getting more sophisticated these days…there’s no doubt about it.

They literally scheme all day and night to come up with ways to try to rip you off and a woman named Marley posted a video on TikTok and talked about how she became the target of a new scam.

Marley said she received a phone call while she was at work and the person said they were from the Sheriff’s Department.

Source: TikTok/@th4ylov4m4r

When she told the caller her name, they said they were calling to talk to her because she had missed performing jury duty. They added that this resulted in two $375 misdemeanors that needed to be paid for.

The caller also said there was now a warrant out for her arrest.

Source: TikTok/@th4ylov4m4r

Marley said all the correct info when she asked for more information, so she thought it was legit.

She paid them off because she was scared of being arrested and found out later that it was all a scam.

Marley told viewers, “These people have a script printed out in front of them. Like, no joke.”

Source: TikTok/@th4ylov4m4r

Take a look at her video.


A serious post because this $hit is not cool!!! Love you have a good day protect your peace <33 #scam #scamcaller #fraud #fakepolice #fakepolicecalls #fakejuryduty

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And here’s what people had to say.

This reader shared some advice.

Source: TikTok/@th4ylov4m4r

Another TikTokker shared what they do in situations like this.

Source: TikTok/@th4ylov4m4r

And this person’s sister got scammed.

Source: TikTok/@th4ylov4m4r

Keep your eyes open, friends!

Scammers are everywhere!

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