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Her Friend Won’t Stop Talking About Her Family’s Money. She Finally Had Enough And Put Her In Her Place.

by Matthew Gilligan

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It can be pretty infuriating when people don’t listen.

Especially when you tell them the same thing over and over and over…

It’s enough to drive a person nuts!

And this young woman couldn’t deal with a friend of hers anymore so she really let her have it.

Did she act like an *******?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for blowing up at a friend whose obsessed with my “rich” parents?

“I am a first year engineering student. This doesn’t take place in the US so tuition for a 4 year degree is about 35k.

Her friend is getting on her nerves…

My (18F) friend (18F) who we’ll call Jane will not stop complaining about and telling everyone we meet that my parents are loaded. When she first came to my place, she would not stop making comments about how it must be so nice to have parents that pay for everything so I can afford to live in such a nice apartment. The thing is… they DON’T pay for everything.

My parents aren’t even notably well off??? My mom is a schoolteacher who works part time and my dad is an engineer in a field so bad he somehow makes less than her right now. When I was born, my parents set up an education savings account for me and added to it very consistently.

The agreement between me and my parents has always been that I will move out after high school, they will cover tuition and I will be in charge of everything else.

She’s pulling her own weight.

I understand that I’m very lucky that my parents cover tuition, but I still cover rent, utilities, wifi, food and literally anything else I buy (all of which is considerably more expensive than annual tuition where I live).

I was able to do this because I’ve worked since I was 15, had great summer jobs and applied to no less than 40 scholarships in my senior year of highschool.

I’ve explained this to Jane. She literally doesn’t absorb any of it.

When we go out for snacks, she’ll try to get me to pay for her because “my parents pay for everything and I have a lot of money.” She’ll constantly make comments about how easy my life be because I get an allowance from my parents (I don’t) in front of other people, very loudly.

When we go to study, she’ll say “we should go to OP’s, her parents bought her this fancy apartment.” (they didn’t) She tells me how nice it is that I don’t have to budget (I do, I am on a tight budget that has VERY little wiggle room in order to be able to afford a place near campus).

I’ve tried talking it out with her, and nothing changes.

This all came to a head the other day when she told our friend group that I could drive us to the mall because my parents had bought me a car. My parents did not buy me a car. I don’t even own a car. I have no clue why she would say this.

She finally had enough.

I blew up at her and called her a “jealous piece of **** who is so far up her own *** she hasn’t seen reality in years” and said that if she can’t conceptualize the fact that I pay for my own **** through my own hard work maybe that says more about her than it does about me.

She left pretty quickly and it was super awkward after that.

She was being a total **** but some of my friends are saying I took it too far and should have been calmer and kinder.


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Welp, I hope she learned her lesson!

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