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Teenager Was Incredibly Rude To The Server, So When He Needs To Use The Bathroom They Make Him Squirm And Wait Forever

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/Pexels/Tima-Miroshnichenko

The service industry isn’t for the weak.

For this person, they had an incredibly rude teenager as a customer, and when he came back to use the bathroom, he got his petty revenge!

Let’s hear the full story…

Oh you need the bathroom? Sorry, customer’s only.

I work as a server in a diner, downtown in a large city. It’s small and cheap, but I like it there.

Last Saturday, I’m serving a mom and her son, like about 15-16. Looks like a typical, spoiled rich kid look and behavior.

He orders a large of soda for himself and dismissively waves me away with his hand without a thank you, mom totally ignores this. Rude, but never mind, I didn’t say or do anything.

But the bad behavior continues…

Throughout the meal every time he wants something he clicks his fingers at me and says ‘you’ and for me to ‘hurry it up’, when I serve his food, he says ‘why dud you take so long? Be faster’.

Literally no manners. He gets a lot of refills of his soda and complains about literally everything to me.

Mom ignores his rude behavior an is just on her phone. I was glad to see them both leave.

But that’s not the end of it…

Later, they come back and he’s clearly looking uncomfortable.

Now, we’re only a small diner and have a tiny customer bathroom out back. Sadly, because of homeless people trying to sleep in the stalls, it requires a key.

From the way he’s acting, he obviously needs to go, squirming around and looking awkward. All them refills clearly caught up with him.

He asks me where the bathroom is, because there’s not obviously one in the main part of the diner.

I put on best customer service face and say ‘sorry, the bathroom is for customers only’, even though he was only in here a few minutes ago, technically he’s no longer a customer.

He groaned and shifted around a bit, ‘but I really gotta go’, I smiled and said, ‘sorry, I’ll check with my manager’.

I went out back for a few minutes to do nothing.

They were still waiting…

I come back out, he’s standing by the counter pressing his legs together, mom is clearly getting impatient with him.

‘We’ll just get you the bathroom key in a moment’, I say smiling. Then just go about my job, ignoring him as he looks more frantic.

Eventually the mom says, ‘I’m not waiting around all day for you to use the toilet’ an hurries him back out the door as he whines about really needing to go.

Luckily there aren’t many places with public bathrooms in this part of town. Petty revenge served.

Let’s see what the comments think!

This commenter blames the mother.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Other commenters had even more petty suggestions!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

This commenter agreed 100%.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Lesson learned: treat people the way you’d want to be treated!

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