April 4, 2024 at 6:21 am

Couples Cuts The Bottoms Off Of Their $20,000 Shoe Collection So They Can Discreetly Walk Barefoot In Public Places

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

Every once in a while its good to reconnect with nature. Kick your shoes off and feel the sand beneath your toes.

Or even for more adventurous folks, feel the soil beneath your toes, or the mud!

But never, not even once, have I wondered what the dirty sidewalk of a public shopping center would feel like on my bare feet.

This couple, however, cannot say the same, as they actually cut the soles out of their shoes so they could walk barefoot in public!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

Christi’s Tiktok starts by explaining her and her husband have recently removed the bottoms of all of their shoes. Yes. All of them.

“We decided to start walking barefoot and one of our followers had a great idea.” Great might be a strong word here. Or even the wrong word here!

“Since some businesses don’t want us to be barefoot, if we cut the bottoms off our shoes it will allow us to be barefoot but blend in with everyone else.”

I have so many questions right off the bat. Part of me wants to know why someone would want to walk barefoot everywhere, and another part would rather not know altogether!

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

But this wasn’t a decision that Christi and her husband took lightly. “This is a huge commitment but we were willing to make it.”

And on top of these shoes holding a lot of personal value to the couple, they also cost a whole lot of money!

“Our shoe collection is worth more than $20,000, but this is a sacrifice we’re willing to make, because walking barefoot means the world to us.”

Why wouldn’t they just sell the shoes? Or donate them to someone who needed them? Why ruin $20k worth of shoes just to walk barefoot, when you can walk barefoot without them?

And even if you need a pair of fake shoes to go shopping, why not just cut one pair each?

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

And I’m sure you’re all dying to know how this couple transformed their shoes, so you can do it yourself! Well don’t worry, because they provided an in-depth explanation.

“It ended up being pretty easy. We made little shelves where our toes are and are heels are.”

“We made a little lip on the bottom of the shoe where our toenails will go so they can latch on and we’ll actually be able to hold onto the shoe.” What an incredible visual that just gave me!

Apparently this process was incredibly freeing for the couple, and incredibly disturbing for the nostrils of everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

And what would their new invention be without a test run?

“We decided to try it out. We went to our favorite store Sephora, and as you know they don’t really like us in here without shoes.”

But apparently the poor Sephora workers were none the wiser to this couple’s sick games.

“The workers came up to us, they talked to us, they even complimented us our shoes! I definitely recommend this if you’re trying to go incognito barefoot.”

Incognito barefoot? EXCUSE ME?

Check out their video for yourself, at your own discretion.


the new age of barefoot walking has begun and I couldn’t be more exited or thankful 🫶

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TikTok was just as horrified as I was, with literally everyone telling them to just get barefoot shoes.

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

And this user said their shoes completely counteracts the actual postural benefits of walking barefoot.

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

And this commenter was quick to point out that walking barefoot has benefits over grass and soil, not the dirty floors of a public store!

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

And this user couldn’t stop thinking about all the diseases they were tempting fate with.

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

And finally, this user said they might regret their decision come summer!

Source: TikTok/@christifritz

I know it doesn’t affect me for these people to walk barefoot in a public place, because I’m wearing shoes.

But still, it really is doing something to my psyche right now.

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