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Creepy Old Guy Kept Trying To Hit On Her And Her Girlfriend, So She Finally Accepted A Drink And Made Sure He’d Never Forget Her.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

If you try to buy someone a drink and they don’t want it, that’s when you back off and mind your own business.

But some people need to learn the hard way!

Check out what this woman did to a dirty old man who wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

Insist on buying me a drink after I’ve said no a hundred times? Wear it then.

“I had a gf in college. I was a little older than her, but not by much.

When she finally turned 21, I took her out to her first bar. We dressed up and did make-up; it was a whole affair. She was super excited for our date.

I gussied up more than I usually would.

Off the shoulder blouse. Ankle length skirt with slits that showed off most of my legs. Stockings with stilettos.

Whole 9 yards. The design of everything matched hers.

It was obvious…

I can’t stress enough how obvious it was we were on a date. I made sure to pour on the romance for her so people would cut in as little as possible.

And it mostly worked… Mostly.

Some really old guy, mostly bald and had a cane, kept pestering me all night.

“Let me buy you a drink.”

“I insist, let me get you something.”

“Whatever you’d like, I’ll get it for you.”

He was like a vulture, constantly circling where we’d been seated. He’d always try to touch my hand, arm, or shoulder.

He even came up behind me when I was getting a refill and touched the small of my back while inappropriately commenting on my outfit.

I made a point that I was there on a date with my gf, and his response was “what’s the harm in some fun”.


This guy couldn’t take a hint.

My gf was asking to leave, noticing how irritated was getting. When suddenly, I was calm. I had the perfect idea how to deal with the old creep.

The next time he came over, I gave a heavy sigh and said “fine, you can buy me a drink if it means you’ll leave me alone”.

I gave my gf some cash and asked her to close our tab then be ready to go while the old creep went and requested the drink he’d been hounding for me all night. He came back, proudly presenting a shot of who knows what.

Smelled minty, but was dark. Maybe Jager?

My gf was waiting to the side, watching. I took the shot from him and asked “so its mine? You’re giving this to me?”

He nodded excitedly. “I can do with it what I wish since it’s mine?”

Idiot nodded again and insisted it was mine.

Here you go!

I poured that shot on his shoes.

“Next time someone, especially someone your granddaughters age, tells you ‘no’ and to leave them alone, you should do so – maybe you won’t be wearing your booze”.

I proceeded to grab my gf and rush out, leaving him screaming about “kids these days” while trying to follow us. He couldn’t hobble fast enough, so it got left at that.

The shock and anger on his face after I got his shoes wet as satisfaction enough.”

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