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Customer Demands Her Hot Tea Be Served With Ice, So The Wait Staff Maliciously Complied And Embarrassed Her In Front Of The Entire Restaurant

by Ryan McCarthy

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There are some people who are just never satisfied with the items on a restaurant’s menu.

It could be 5 pages long, with every cuisine in the world, and they would manage to ask their waiter if they could create their own dish from the ingredients they saw.

And as frustrating as that is, I think I speak for all waiters when I say sometimes its easier to just give the customer what they want, even if it ends up being a hassle for you and the kitchen.

But when this user served a customer who demanded a specific tea iced, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, he decided to give her what she asked for, even if it meant shattering a glass!

Check it out!

Don’t Order Items Not On the Menu

A long time ago I was waiting tables at lunch in a decent restaurant.

We had iced tea that we brewed each morning and it was slightly orange flavored and this was on the menu as well as hot tea.

For hot tea we had an assorted variety of Celestial Seasonings.

A table of two women came in and one ordered ice tea but one of the Celestial Seasoning flavors.

But the two women weren’t exactly understanding when OP informed them they didn’t have iced tea in that flavor.

I explained that we only have one type of ice tea made and the others were listed under hot tea.

I also explained to her that this is not something we are supposed to do and it messes us up because people expect free refills like it is the regular iced tea.

She was not nice and was unhappy that I would not go out of my way to make her what she wanted.

We were reasonably busy and this was not something we were supposed to do.

And even after OP’s polite explanation, the woman would not budge on her order.

I don’t know where the manager was or if I was new to waiting tables and did not think to get the manager to talk to them.

In a fairly ****** tone she said she would go around our rules by ordering the hot tea and a glass of ice and do it herself.
I went to the wait station and filled a glass with ice and put it in the ice bin to chill, got a mug of water and microwaved it to boiling.

I then brought the mug, the tea bag, the glass of ice and a straw to her table.

After giving the woman exactly what she wanted, he sat back and waited for the inevitable.

About five minutes later I was taking an order from another table and the two women were frantically waving me down.

As I expected the hot tea hit the cold glass cracking the glass and dumping all the tea on the table.

I tried to sound stupid when I said “Maybe that’s why we aren’t supposed to do that?” as I cleaned up the mess.

She never did get to drink any tea.

As someone who used to wait tables, I always hated customers like this, who thought I was maliciously trying to not give them what they want.

It would be much easier for me, and better for my tip, if I could give you exactly what you ask for, but sometimes we just can’t!

Reddit absolutely loved his revenge, even though some iced tea purists said that they could understand. the woman’s enthusiasm.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And the iced tea discourse continued with this user lamenting over people putting liquid sugar into their tea.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This former dishwasher said they enjoyed every minute even though they knew exactly what was coming.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user pointed out that OP was lucky no one got hurt, especially after he intentionally froze the glass to make it shatter.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Be careful what you wish for!

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