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Dad Bought Their Daughter Gifts That Her Other Daughter From Another Relationship Wanted, So She Responded By Taking Them Away

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is kind of a sad story…

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AITA for taking away my daughter’s birthday gift?

“I have 2 daughters who have different dads, Mia(14) and Ava(16)

Ava’s birthday was 2 months ago and she asked her dad to buy her a new phone and a backpack.

She chose what model and color phone she wants and found a backpack that she loved and was so excited to get them.

Unfortunately her dad got sick and lost all his savings to pay for medication and can’t afford to buy them anymore and I can’t afford them either.

We explained to her and she understood. I bought her a cheaper backpack from both me and her dad.

She was in for a surprise…

Mia’s birthday was a week ago. When she opened her dad’s gifts I was shocked.

It was the exact phone and backpack that Ava wanted. Ava went to her room and didn’t come out the rest of the night.

I waited after the party was over then told her that what she did was cruel and immature.

I took both of the gifts away and grounded her.

Now there’s major tension.

Her dad has been blowing up my phone demanding I give her gifts back.

He called me an ******* and said I have no right to take them away.

I told him he should have stopped her from doing this and acted like a parent.”

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No doubt about it… this is a tough situation…

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