April 11, 2024 at 9:28 pm

Driver Got Impatient With Them In The Costco Parking Lot, So They Took Their Sweet Time Putting Away Their Groceries And Leaving

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@beirutefilm

I bet this has happened to you before…

You’re putting your groceries away in your car and some knucklehead pulls up behind you acts impatient and gets testy with you.

And that’s when you take your sweet time…

Like this person did!

Check out how they handled a rude person in a Costco parking lot.

Do not mess with me at Costco.

“A couple weeks ago after checking out at Costco I was doing the normal routine for loading purchased items into the vehicle: I quickly and efficiently transferred everything from the cart to bags in the backseat of my truck.

This usually takes me about 90 seconds to do before returning the cart. I don’t like to hold strangers up and generally want to get home and swim around in my Costco purchases like a middle aged Scrooge McDuck.

Hold your horses…

Halfway through said process some guy pulls up behind my truck and puts on his signal, intending to take my space as soon as I’m done. No problem! I’m moving fast.

But then this jerk has the audacity to look impatient after about 3 seconds and vigorously waves for me to hurry up. Seriously dude, you just got here and are trying to rush me? My process is flawless, and you have the gall to act like I need to hop to your tune?

This triggered my pettiness. I’m sorry my dude but I’m not longer in control of what happens. This is between you and Petty-Me now. I’m just an innocent bystander…

It was time to move like a SLOTH.

So I immediately stopped my fast and efficient process of packing the vehicle, and switched to molasses mode. I slooowwwlyyyy moved every item in. One at a time. I pulled out a bag of seaweed snacks and started to look over the top of my glasses to really examine it.

I slowly read it’s description out loud, thenI looked around as if to find a bystander to discuss this purchase with. I resumed. More items went in. When he looked like he was about to give up id act like I was done. Then discover, nope!

This was taking a while…

More items still in the cart. I drug this on for about five minutes, making him wallow in place, trapped by the sunken cost of how long he already waited. I’m now done, and getting behind the wheel. He seemed relieved, like the blood vessel he was about to rupture with impotent rage was finally easing.

So I back my truck up. Slowly. I stop. Pull forward to reposition, and the slowly back to again. I’m channeling my inner Colin Robinson, and making this process as excruciating as possible.

I backed up slowly, far more than I needed until he thought I was going to hit him and started to honk. And finally I drive away.

I know this doesn’t compare to most petty stuff on here, but it amused me and I wanted to share.”

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Nice and sloooooooow…

You gotta love it!

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