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Girlfriend Calls Boyfriend A “Trophy Boyfriend” Even Though He Contributes Plenty, So He Assumes His Role And Stops Paying Completely

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/AITA

It’s the modern age.

Women and men both have the opportunity to be the breadwinner in their relationships.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

Me (29M) and Maddie (30F) have been together for 3 years. We live together.

Maddie is an anesthesiologist and I own my own landscape design company.

The couple splits their bills equally.

Due to me working mornings and being home earlier I do most of the shopping and cooking.

We split all other duties 50/50 and pay 50/50 on all bills.

I make solid money but most of it is put back into my business so I don’t have as much spending money as Maddie.

The man’s girlfriend tends to act as if he doesn’t work.

Maddie likes to think I’m some sort of trophy boyfriend.

First time was when we were out with her family. She’s the pride of her family because her family never went to college let alone medical school.

She has allowed her family to also believe he doesn’t contribute equally.

Maddie said “OP does most of the house work so I’m not overwhelmed when I get home”.

Her aunt said “Maddie it’s amazing that you snagged yourself a trophy boyfriend while working so many hours”.

Then Maddie’s mom said “look at you finding a man who supports you”.

Maddie said “I’m glad I can support the both of us”.

When the man told her it made him uncomfortable, she invalidated his feelings.

She told her friends she was treating me to a vacation. Her friend said “wow Maddie, sugar momma out here”.

I told Maddie how uncomfortable it was that she told everyone that she was buying the trip.

Her response was I was being ridiculous cause we’re a team.

Her comments even led his family to believe his business was struggling.

My parents asked how we were enjoying the new place (we recently moved).

Maddie started going on about how much more house it is and how she is thankful for my help and willingness to support her career.

A couple things about how supportive I am, how my job is tough on me (I don’t find it that tough) and how she’s thankful she’s able to cover the house while I build my business.

Afterwards my parents called me to ask if everything was okay. If my business was struggling and if Maddie was having to cover for us then they could help out.

He made the truth clear to his concerned parents.

I said that Maddie spent more on the down payment than I did. But in no way did she “cover our house”.

I’ve brought this up to Maddie and she sees no problem.

She says I should be glad to have a GF who makes money and wants to splurge on me.

And now for some malicious compliance mixed in…

So I haven’t paid for a thing in the last 4 months. Date nights, tickets, grocery, wifi, gas.. nothing.

I stopped cooking so now Maddie orders food for us. Whenever the bill shows up I say “she’s got it”.

Or whenever I need gas, “hey babe can you get this one, I’ll cook your favorite food later tho”.

Maddie hasn’t said anything but I think she’s getting annoyed.

The man made a petty comment over dinner.

So last weekend it was me, her, her sister/BIL and parents.

When the bill showed up the waiter gave it to me. I said “I’m actually the trophy boyfriend so I don’t pay for things” and handed the bill to Maddie.

On the way home she was being standoffish.

All she said was “you didn’t have to do that”.

He made it clear what he needs from her.

I said I covered my half of the bills, paid for dates, bought her gifts and don’t like that she implies she pays for everything.

I said if she wants me to quit doing this then she can tell everyone the truth or she can keep paying.


Reddit users ultimately sided with the writer on this one.

One person called his actions petty, but said they would do the same.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another reader said they’re both acting like teenagers.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person said the girlfriend needs to behave more humbly.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Time to put your money where your mouth is, girl.

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