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Groomsmen Skipped His Brother’s Wedding Because His Newborn Baby Was Sick, And Now His Family Is Furious He Didn’t Show Up

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@vitalvoiceoflove

You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes…

And let’s face it, life is full of tough choices!

The guy who wrote this story on Reddit had a tough one to make and now he wants to know if he’s wrong for what he did.

Check out his story below and see what you think.

AITA for choosing my Wife over my Brother’s wedding?

“For context I (36m) am married to my beautiful wife, Lottie (28f), we’ve been together for 8 years and married for 3.

And then there’s my brother, Nate(25m) and my parents(Both 55).

Well recently was Nate’s wedding (it was Friday). I was supposed to be a groomsmen but I didn’t go and stayed at home with my wife. Here’s why.

There was big news.

During wedding planning, my precious Lottie found out she was pregnant with our first baby!

Of course we were over the moon but kept it on the downlow to not take attention from Nate and his Wife. Well A few weeks ago our precious little girl was born, and though she’s a little doll, we suspect she has colic.

It was a case of bad timing.

She’s been crying nonstop. I was still going to go to the wedding but when the day came Lottie was very stressed and couldn’t get our little girl to sleep or do anything really, she wouldn’t sleep, eat, or stop crying until her little face was red. Lottie was exhausted, you could tell.

He made a big decision.

So I decided to stay and try to take care of my daughter while I tried to let Lottie sleep.

I called Nate to let him know that I just couldn’t make it and he flipped out at me, yelling, screaming, calling me every name under the sun, therefore I hung up.

Well a few minutes after that my parents were blowing up my phone calling me a jerk for bailing.

When I tried explaining why, my mother told me “Who cares?! It’s the wife’s job to take care of the kids not the men!” (Which is not true at all.)

After I still wouldn’t budge my parents told my family leading to some family members to blow up my phone some more.

When Lottie found out she was apologizing over and over but I don’t think my Lottie should feel bad for needing a break.


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This person thinks everyone in this story is to blame.

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Another person said he acted like an *******.

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One person thinks he was wrong.

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Another Reddit user said he had months to figure this out.

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He’ll never get that chance again.

What a shame.

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