April 9, 2024 at 1:43 pm

He Refused To Buy His Wife Seltzer Because She Doesn’t Drink It The Right Way, So She Gets Revenge By Loading The House With Cases Of It

by Trisha Leigh

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Marriage, y’all. It might be what brings us together, but it’s also the thing that gives us a lot of gray hairs – if not something worse.

OP buys the groceries but recently did not buy the seltzer his wife drinks.

I normally do the grocery shopping and last week when I went i did not but any seltzer. When I got home my wife asked where the seltzer was (she had added it to the shopping list).

When I explained that I hadn’t bought any she immediately went red in the face but didn’t really say anything.

This is because she opens them and lets them go flat before she drinks them.

My wife (29f) had a strange preference in water.

She always drinks unflavored seltzer water, but instead of just drinking it normally she opens the cans first and then waits for all the bubbles to fizz out before drinking any of them.

He finds this wasteful and annoying.

It’s just such a waste since she’s essentially drinking regular water at this point but for such a higher price.

My wife always argues that it just tastes fresher and crisper after being left out opened.

My wife almost exclusively drinks this flat seltzer and will easily go through 7+ seltzers in a day. We can afford it but its still pretty expensive and takes up a significant amount of money.

I do still feel like my wife’s habit could be unsanitary tho because she often opens the seltzers several days before drinking them so there is potential for dust to get in.

Also I feel like it makes guests uncomfortable when my wife offers them several-day opened flat seltzers.

She went out and bought herself a mountain of seltzer.

Later that day, I went to the gym and when I got back, our kitchen was decked out with seltzer cans.

I could barely open the pantry because there were so many packs of seltzer (there were at least 25 boxes worth).

My wife smugly told me that she had taken several trips to the grocery store because 1 trip wasn’t enough to fit all the seltzer in her car now that she knew I was trying to cut her off.

She told her family about this and they are all calling me a jerk saying I’m depriving my wife of a basic need.

He wants to know who is right.

The top comment says there’s an easy solution, and no one is right.

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This person thinks OP needs to let his wife like the things she likes.

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They say he’s being petty and controlling.

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This commenter says everyone has their quirks.

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It seems like this is something they should be able to figure this out.

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Here’s the thing: does it matter who is right?

Because as usual, it’s not about the seltzer.

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