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Her Boyfriend’s Family Yelled at Her After a Kid Got Hurt on Her Watch So She Stormed out of the Party

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m gonna go ahead and make a prediction: I have a feeling the relationship you’re going to read about below isn’t gonna last too long…

Just a hunch I have!

But that’s to worry about in the future.

For now, see if you think this woman was out of line for what she did at a party with her boyfriend.

AITA for walking out in the middle of my boyfriend’s birthday party?

“I F25 have been with my boyfriend M28 for 3 years.

Our relationship is great and we rarely fight. His birthday was days ago, I wanted to do something together but his parents already decided to host the party at their house.

My boyfriend got there first, I showed up after I got off work and he was there with the guests busy talking and greeting in the backyard.

Some folks she’s not crazy about showed up…

I took a seat in the back and his sister showed up with her husband and son Jake. We’re not on good terms btw.

She said Hi then asked if I could watch her son Jake (4 y/0) I was like “umm” but she disappeared and left her kid with me before I could even answer so I decided to just keep an eye on him til she gets back since he was sitting across from me.

I spilled my drink on my top which was messy. I gave Jake my phone to play on it and asked him to sit still til I get back then I went to use the bathroom to clean up the stain.

Clearly Jake walked towards the pool and the floor was slippery so he slepped and fell and injured his knee. That’s when I heard loud noise coming from outside like people panicking. I went to see what’s going on and saw my boyfriend and his family with Jake.

Oh, boy…

I heard my boyfriend’s dad ask who was “supposed” to watch Jake and his sister said my name. My boyfriend saw me and shouted “where the hell have you been? How could let this happen?”

I was taken aback I said was in the bathroom cleaning up the stain. He asked is the stain more important than my nephew? I explained that his family or his mother should’ve kept an eye on him.

She stood her ground.

He said there are many guests so they probably didn’t notice and said I should stop turning this around on his family since I agreed to watch Jake I said no I did not initially agree to watch Jake and came to the party as a guest NOT A BABYSITTER and that his sister just dumped him on me and disappeared without even waiting to hear if I was going to say no.

We had an argument and I got fed up being presented with hypothetical scenario after a hypothetical scenario of what could’ve happened if Jake fell inside the pool and was blamed to no end so I grabbed my stuff and walked out.

My boyfriend’s parents saw me leave and he followed me asking me to wait and return but I refused. He said I have no reason to be upset but more reason to be worried just like they all were and insisted I go back inside but I got in my car and left.

Her BF let her have it.

He came back later looking mad. He said that yes while it might be his sister’s fault for still bringing her son after he stated he didn’t want kids there because of the pool but said I ruined the party by walking out and refusing to take responsibility and admit I should’ve made sure Jake was safe before leaving him out of my sight wether I agreed to watch him or not.

He said his parents are rightfully upset and didn’t appreciate my behavior earlier on then walking out which hurt him on a personal level since his birthday should mean something to me. I felt like he might be right and mishandled this entire situation.


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Yeah… these two aren’t gonna last.

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