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Her Cousin Was Supposed To Bring A Turkey To Christmas Dinner But Brought A Cake Instead, So She Humiliated Her In Front Of Everyone

by Matthew Gilligan

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How dare you not bring a turkey to my Christmas dinner?!?!

Wait a second…what’s happening here?

You have to read the story below to get all the details and find out if this woman took things too far.

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AITA for my reaction to my cousin not bringing a turkey to Christmas dinner?

“I (30F) got into an argument with my cousin(22F),uncle(72M) and aunt(67F) recently over something my cousin did(or didn’t do).

Her cousin is a real pain in the ***.

So to give some information my cousin is kind of unreliable,spoiled and seen as the rainbow child in our family.

Her parents did have her when they were old and had given up on having kids(They tried in their late 20’s and early 30’s but had 3 miscarriages).

She could do no wrong in their eyes (they were pretty well off as well).

She could do something that would land her in Jail for 30 years to life and they would still come up with an excuse to defend her.

She blew her college fund on parties,clothes,jewelry etc..and all her parents did was just give her more money which she blew in a month and told her whatever she thinks is best she does.

Her cousin found her talent.

So Jenna around a year ago got into making realistic cakes and I must say despite my one-sided beef with her she is really good at it and even on par with professionals,she could make a living out of it if she settled down.

Christmas was coming up and they tasked everyone with something to do/make from home and just bring the food to the host’s house and just heat it up to make everything easier.

She knew this wasn’t a good idea.

Jenna was tasked with bringing the turkey, clearly knowing she was going to mess it up asked if they’re sure about that,don’t they want to give it to someone more reliable and give Jenna a smaller task or just nothing at all.

They all dismissed me and said calm down she’ll come through she won’t screw it up because she knows how important it is.

So fast forward to christmas day everyone was arriving to the house but Jenna was a bit late.

We Facetimed her and she said she was in her car on her way and the turkey is very hot so there would be no need to heat it up. When Jenna arrived she placed the turkey down on the table and called everyone around to show them something.

They were in for a surprise.

She had a knife in her hand and was hovering over the turkey she put the knife through to reveal that it was a realistic cake (It was VERY realistic to be honest).

All of our family clapped and said how talented she was.

I asked her so where’s the real turkey?

Oh, boy…

She responded with oh I didn’t have time to buy or bake it since my time was spent on the cake.

I lost it and said how could you forget one of the major dishes that we need?

You screwed up your college fund just like how you screwed up dinner.

She began crying and her parents called me an ******* and said I ruined christmas.

Half of the family is siding with my uncle and aunts and saying I didn’t have to shout at her while the others are saying i’m in the right.


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Well, that didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, did it?


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