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Her Friend Kept Giving An Unsolicited Opinion About Her Hair, But When She Told Her To Stop Their Friends Said She Was The Rude One

by Trisha Leigh

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You know what opinions are like, and for most of us, we outgrow feeling the need to share ours about absolutely everything sometime after college.

For others, though, it lingers and honestly, it can cost you friends.

This woman thought she would mix up her hair with some fun color.

Not the A-hole
I (22F) recently decided to dye a pink streak into my hair.

It made a fun change from my usual look, and honestly gave me a boost of confidence.

I got some compliments on it that were very sweet, but I’m more focused on how good I feel within myself.

Her friend obviously thought it looked ridiculous.

One of my friends “Ella” (23F) is not a fan of my hair.

The first time I was out with her after I’d dyed it, she laughed and said I looked like a children’s show host.

Honestly I found that pretty funny, and I don’t take myself very seriously when I don’t think there’s any malice in what’s being said, so I laughed about it too.

She even tried getting the poster’s boyfriend to make fun of her, too.

However over time it’s became clear she actually doesn’t like it and seems to really want me to know.

Every other conversation we have includes a weird, passive aggressive comment about my hair, many about whether my BF thinks it’s weird or not.

The few times she’s seen him with me, the first thing she comments on is my hair and tries to laugh with him about it, to which he just stands there bemused.

Now, Ella comes from a conservative family, so I do get that she might not know any other people with unnaturally coloured hair. But I mean, really?

Her endless comments have attracted the attention of our other friends too, and whenever she’s called out just laughs and tells us to take a joke.

When she attacked her with a mean “joke” the minute she walked into a bar, this woman had enough.

I kind of snapped on her the other day about it.

Some of us, Ella included, went out for drinks after work.

I had my hair up, and the pink bit was clearly visible. The second she saw me, Ella burst out laughing and exclaimed “OMG, what is your hair!”.

At this point, her comments were clearly not jokes, they were pointed and intended to hurt me.

In as level a voice as I could, I looked her dead in the eye and said “Ella, I didn’t ask your opinion about my hair”.

But after she snapped back, her friends told her she was the one who was kind of rude.

Her smile immediately faded and she left, blaming me once again for not being able to take a joke.

A couple of friends out with us then said that I’d been a little harsh by calling her out in front of everyone, to which I replied that Ella hadn’t minded doing the same to me.

The rest of our friends agreed with me, with one even saying they would’ve spoken out much sooner if they were me.

Ella has ghosted me ever since.

I think she was in the wrong for her comments, but were those friends right about me being harsh by calling her out like I did?

Should I have been more discreet or something?

Does Reddit agree? Let’s find out!

The top comment says it’s time this friend got over herself.

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This person agrees the jokes were never funny.

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Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

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They say the poster just made a simple statement.

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Maybe she needs a whole new group of friends.

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She definitely wasn’t rude.

She was far more patient than most people would have been, I think.

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