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Her Husband Got Intoxicated Before A Flight To Another Country And Wasn’t Let on the Plane. So She Left Him Behind.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Get it together, dude!

That’s what I would’ve yelled in this guy’s face if I was his wife…

She handled things a little bit differently, though, and now she’s getting a lot of blowback.

Is she wrong for how she handled this situation?

Check out her story and see what you think.

AITA for not deplaning with my husband after he was kicked off for being too intoxicated?

“I 28f recently married my husband Adam 30m.

We are the same ethnicity and both speak our language, however I am more fluent as I go to our home country more often as my extended family are there and it’s was just my parents, me and my sisters here.

Adam’s grandparents are the ones who came to our country first so he has most of his family here and we see them more often, so I am close with his family.

My parents are divorced, and around the time I started dating Adam, my dad moved back to our home country. I regularly call him, but since he moved he has come to see me twice and then was at my wedding.

Her dad isn’t a fan of this guy…

My dad disapproves of Adam and I have had fights with Adam in the past about how I feel I have made more of an effort with his family, and he hasn’t done the same for me.

Both my parents speak our home language and when we started dating Adam wasn’t conversationally fluent so there was a barrier to them initially bonding, and it was more apparent when my dad came to stay with us but in the lead up to the wedding, my dad stayed with us and it went fine.

I have been planning a trip to my home country to surprise my dad and asked Adam to come as well.

He agreed and then balked when I said we were going to stay with my dad and made what I thought was a joke about having to drink before meeting him.

I didn’t find it funny and Adam later apologised.

However yesterday was our flight and I was coming to the airport after work so Adam went early with our suitcases to check in and we were mean to meet up later.

Uh oh…

He was intoxicated and the flight attendant wouldn’t let him on the plane. I called my BIL who could take care of Adam and left my BIL’s phone number with the attendant taking care of a Adam and I stayed on my flight.

My home country is far so tickets are expensive and I took leave off from work for the trip so I don’t get off with Adam.

Adam is now upset with me, saying I left him in a situation where he was wasted and if roles were reversed he would have never left me alone when I was intoxicated but I don’t think that is fair.”

Here’s what people had to say.

One reader thinks she’s NTA.

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Another person said her husband chose to do this.

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This Reddit user said he made a bad decision and now he’s dealing with the consequences.

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Another individual said she’s NTA.

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And this person said her husband sounds manipulative.

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That guy needs to get his act together.

Good grief!

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