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Her Husband Is A Coffee Snob And She Used His Rarest Blend Without His Permission. Now Things Are Tense.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@johnishappysometimes

Never mess with a person’s coffee OR their coffee equipment…

Because it won’t end well!

Just ask the woman you’re about to hear from…

Check out her story and see if you think she acted like a jerk.

AITA not asking permission to use hubby’s coffee?

“My (28F) husband (37M) is a huge coffee geek.

They don’t see eye-to-eye on this subject.

He has a separate set of shelves and equipment for it. I have tried over the years to learn more about his process and how to brew but it just doesn’t click for me like it does for him.

I always buy instant/go to Starbucks because it’s all the same to me. He never says the coffee I’ve made is bad, just that something is always off. It’s too bitter/astringent/weak etc. But thanks me anyway for my efforts.

My husband is going through a busy time at work and has for the past 2 weeks. He freelances, his latest client turned out to be very difficult and he’s had to make a lot of edits for this project.

She had an idea.

As a result, he’s more stressed than usual and is working longer hours. So I thought that if I made him a coffee in the way he likes, that would cheer him up about it all.

Long story short, he did not like what I brewed.

He didn’t really have anything nice to say about my gesture and then when he learned what beans I used, he was very annoyed and shut me out of his office without any thanks.

Uh oh…

He had two containers of beans on the shelf. I used the container which was small and finished it.

I did not realise it was a rare coffee and processed in a unique way.

It cost more than triple the other bag which was mainly full and double the size.

I thought that using up the beans in the smaller container made more sense so he can buy himself another bag from his long list of beans he wants.

He refuses to ever have more than 2 bags at once so he can appreciate them a lot more (whatever that means).

Now things are tense…

He’s upset with me because I didn’t ask permission and he could have told me which bag to use if I was going to try and make him a coffee.

I’m upset with him for his reaction. No thanks and shutting me out of his office.

I think the whole permission thing is so gross to me and I shouldn’t have to ask whether I can use something in our home.


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I guess some people don’t like their coffee messed with, huh?

You can say that again!

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