April 7, 2024 at 9:38 pm

Her Husband’s Aunt Criticized Her Parenting, But Some Think Her Response Was An Overreaction

by Trisha Leigh

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No one likes to have their parenting criticized, whether they’ve been doing it for two days or twenty years – it’s personal!

Also, cat people really don’t want your solicited opinions on their cat. They just don’t.

OP has a new baby and a cat that’s very important to her.

I’m a woman in my late twenties, and I recently became a mother. I have been absolutely loving every aspect of motherhood.

Alongside my newfound role as a mom, I have a cherished cat whom I have always shared a deep bond with. Even after the arrival of my baby, I have made it a point to continue involving my cat in our family life.

We still go on little walks together around the garden just the two of us, and I make sure to spend quality time snuggling and bonding with her.

I also love how much my girl loves and cares for the baby.

When her husband’s aunt criticized her choices as far as the baby and the cat, OP told her to get out.

During a visit from my husband’s family, his aunt decided to share their unsolicited opinion with me. It was kinda out of the blue.

My cat is shy with people so she was in my room looking trough the window. When she wants my attention she makes a particular “meow”. Husband told me and I went to check on her.

After I came back his aunt started going on about how having a cat around my baby could potentially be dangerous and implied that I should shift my focus away from my cat.

She said it was not natural and that I should just focus on the baby. A cat is a cat.

I told her to get out of my house NOW. She was astonished and I told her it is extremely rude to go to other people houses, and starting to criticize how they live their lives especially when we we barely have a relationship.

I have seen the woman three times in my life, one of them was the wedding.

Most people in her life don’t think she was wrong, exactly, but they do think she’s rude.

She and her sister got out. My husband told me I was right but I was rude and I could have said that in a better way.

My SIL, who was present, think I overreacted. I told my best friend and she’s with me but she’s also a cat lover so idk if it counts.

So Reddit AITA??

Reddit is weighing in!

The top comment says OP definitely overreacted.

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This person thinks being postpartum absolves her of wrongdoing, though.

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It really isn’t that hard.

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This commenter agrees that the aunt should have known better.

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They say you shouldn’t ever give unsolicited advice to an acquaintance.

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I do think she flew off the handle a bit.

That said, I also agree that being postpartum excuses her – but not the aunt.

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