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Her Mom Said She’s Going To Call Her New Baby By A Different Name, So She Responded By Going After One of Her Biggest Pet Peeves

by Matthew Gilligan

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Stay out of it, Mom!

Have you ever said that to your own mother when she crossed boundaries and made you upset?

If so, we think this story will make you happy!

Check out what went down in this story from Reddit’s “Petty Revenge” page.

Teaching my mother a lesson.

“My mother is extremely dramatic and emotionally manipulative. Out of her three children, I (42f) am the only one who still speaks to her.

She sounds like a real barrel of laughs…

She’s also very particular about her name. She abhors anyone shortening or messing around with her name. Christine. Anyone who calls or Chris, or Chrissy, anything like that is subjected to a tongue lashing and mild hysterics.

I have a son (4) who she often claims as her favourite. ( she has three other grandsons, so I **** it that she does this) and am pregnant with my second child.

I talked to my mother about our name choices (Ash or Morgan) and she told me she didn’t like them and tried to persuade us to choose something else.

I named our first child and it’s important to my husband that he names the next one so I’d like to let him even if they’re not my favourite names. I don’t think grandparents get a choice.


So my mother told me outright that if we choose these names she won’t use them and will pick a name of her own to call the baby and will only refer to him by her choice of name.

So I lost my patience. I told her that if she wanted to do that she’d face two consequences.

1) She’ll likely never get to speak to the new child.

2) I will teach both of my kids to call her Grandma Chrissy.

She’s never mentioned names since!”

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Well, she sounds like a lot of fun!

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